This so called JX 51wan 2 edition beta tomorrow

By , November 19, 2017 4:04 pm

This 51wan so called "JX 2" version of "JX" beta tomorrow II version of the game area beautiful scene, a figure free loading smooth gaming experience, stimulate the PVP battle…… After showing a lot of surprises in online game player, by the end of the tour, Xishanju licensed "sword net 2" adaptation of the martial arts Webpage Game 51wan "JX" 2 edition "on November 2nd, tomorrow is the new platform to open the whole glory beta, even the service play" Wulin hegemony "strikes! 51wan "JX 2" version of "jxqy.51wan 51wan’s official website:" JX 2 "version of" 51wan beta tomorrow "JX 2" version "since the beta does not delete files has attracted all the attention Webpage Game game player. The "sword net 2" world view were faithfully restored setting attracted many feelings to the end of the tour the old game player, there are a lot of people are attracted by the simple game 2.5D classic scenes and beautiful art, and the most important is the test of real-time combat game, game player who, for single competitive game in the team athletics and camp fight it. Of course, the fun of real-time weather and easy to connect the player’s seamless map and God line boots feature is also the reason players support the game. 51wan "JX 2" version of "tomorrow is" love "after the beta, the game from the beginning of the design is very focused on the social and interactive game player. Players in the world side by side for more than a month, many gangs have developed a deep friendship. Large Gang strength is quite in each area of the suit has been formed, a lot of strong strength and long entrenched Gang game player in the rankings early shock the whole service. In order to end their "expansion" the fate of the end, we need to master from different clothes for a showdown. 51wan "JX 2" version of the "beta tomorrow in the November 2nd beta version, the name will officially meet with game player as" Wulin hegemony "of the new service activities! Since the domineering name, it is said that the activities of the threshold will be very high, not only is full of 50 above the level of the game player to participate in so simple, can be said to want to go to experience the scene of fighting is a hard to find. Here you can see the various areas of all the players in the top players in the duel, and ultimately won the title of martial arts champion players, will get his only unique overlord mounts oh! Then you can go sideways in the street! 51wan "JX 2" version of "51wan beta tomorrow" JX 2 "version of" glory November 2nd beta, some places have lakes, whether you are familiar or fresh you, you will join the world bring different! Play the martial arts Webpage Game, play 51wan "JX" 2 edition "! More information and activities, please pay attention to the 2 version of the official website of "JX: more exciting game, as in Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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