This is also the entry configuration accord fuel-efficient Alto is also very high (video)

By , November 16, 2017 4:51 pm

This is also the entry Alto accord fuel-efficient configuration is also very elegant Pavilion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) hybrid version finally made, in fact, at the beginning of the year there is a beautiful version of the accord hybrid version to the editorial department for a short experience, great pleasure to accelerate the driving process quiet and deep throttle when they got to the we left a deep impression. The Guangzhou Honda accord hybrid domestic sharp in technology, compared to the previous version of the accord and enhance the beauty, the price is still kept as close to the people, accord car of the high-end models, the configuration is not disappoint. The listing of three hybrid models, how to choose? Let’s do some analysis. "Double engine" rival "sharp Camry hybrid accord" how? Honda accord Camry Rui · hybrid official guide price models (million) sharp cool version 23.98 sharp collar version of the 25.98 version of the 27.98 opening – sharp respect: Honda’s hybrid and TOYOTA are not the same as what? Simple summary, the biggest difference lies in: 1, more than a power for the generation of motor; 2, the use of a more efficient lithium battery rather than TOYOTA system on the nickel metal hydride battery. So, as a result of the two motor (motor drive motor + power), in the rapid acceleration (hybrid drive mode), engine driven generator, power supply with a generator drive motor, final drive wheel. Not like the TOYOTA hybrid system, at the same time the drive wheels by the engine and motor, so that the benefits of high torque output continuous motor can provide the vehicle with more rapid speed, and the engine can maintain economic conditions in order to save fuel consumption. In addition, in high-speed Cruise (engine drive mode), the engine can be directly connected with the wheel through the clutch to drive the vehicle to travel, which is Honda’s system and TOYOTA’s hybrid system is another different. TOYOTA hybrid system at any moment, the engine can not peel motor separate drive wheels, cruise speed, the engine also need to drive motor running, while Honda believes this situation will cause additional loss of power engine. Because this is a rather complicated system, interested friends can go through the video above for further understanding, if no patience to understand just remember that this system is also Honda and TOYOTA as the motor and engine combination, but Honda in the usual driving is more dependent on motor, and eventually reached two is the effect of low fuel consumption. The domestic version of the accord in the power system compared to the U.S. version of the upgrade, the second generation I-MMD hybrid assembly system, improvement in efficiency, according to official data, Honda accord Camry Rui hybrid fuel consumption per hundred kilometers 4.2L. The hybrid version and the gasoline version of the similarities and differences in the appearance of the interior? Honda Accord hybrid version in appearance and ordinary petrol version of the model does not distinguish between what much difference, only in the details, such as adding some nameplate label, the front and rear group joined the blue dotted, chrome strip also joined the blue logo hybrid identity. Due to the battery, the trunk volume much affected, the depth is more shallow, but still maintains the advantages of large opening, luggage fetching is convenient. In addition, is also due to.相关的主题文章:

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