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By , November 26, 2017 1:18 am

These tricks of fraud means investors’ money specifically pit "professional platform" set of 35 thousand investors cheated according to media reports, a family known as the strength of the securities investment company set up agency in the country, Recruitment Clerk, and for each person is assigned a number of QQ to play different roles, to lure investors. In order to attract investors, the company set up the following 4 aspects: first, that he is an overseas listed company; second, to the clerk as "analyst", "famous institution trader" title, to show their "tall"; third, the salesman teach various deceptive "word" for example, I was 02 years from the contact of the stock market, such as chronic illness into physicians; fourth, let investors have tasted the sweetness of this "incentive" they increase the inputs. In fact, the company is only an empty shell company, without the legal qualification of China’s securities trading. He is an online stock fraud Gang controlled by an overseas group. The so-called "analysts" are not professional, even the university did not graduate, the stock has not been fired. In addition, investors will invest into a virtual stock software platform, and this platform itself with the A-share market is A without any connection, investors can see all their investment transactions in the account, but the real deal is not the capital, just idling in the platform account. All the money into the platform will be all kinds of hidden fees deducted, including overnight fee, several times the rate of cost lever. It is understood that in order to keep the money, every other period of time, the platform will be replaced with new names, although the company’s home page, but the software is still the same platform for stocks. Retrofit scheme eventually through these events, it is not difficult to see that the network shares have a black chain. But a senior analyst at the well-known domestic wealth management institutions Richwood Reed said similar stock fraud and many, while the black chain is more than this one. Previously, Reed also released a friend called "the so-called ‘recommendation masters’ play is the routine" article, on the recommendation of crooks means and procedures for a simple explanation, but also behind a black chain, and recommended masters "team is huge. In this regard, analysts said, although these fraudsters routine is not exactly the same, deception is also in the renovation, but the same is that they have made use of "investors who want to make more" and "turnaround", "low investment, high return" implementation of fraud, to obtain a large amount of money. Remind investors, the stock market is changeable, not one or two people can control, and no one wins only. Once they have said he is "professional analysts" and "Jian master" or recommend a variety of software stocks, do not believe. If they really have so much skill, they have already made pots full of bowls, or are busy studying which stock is going up, which is empty enough to pull customers. So, don’t listen, don’t believe is the best way to prevent cheating. If you really want to make money from the stock market, but their own speculation is not good stock, it is recommended to choose some stock investment products, which are more than the so-called stock software, pseudo sub inquiry

这些花样百出的诈骗手段 专坑股民们的钱“专业平台”设局 3.5万股民被骗据媒体报道,一家号称实力雄厚的证券投资业务公司在全国各地设立代理公司,招聘业务员,并给每人分配了多了QQ号以分饰不同角色,引诱股民上当。为了能吸引股民,该“公司”设置了以下4个环节:第一,称自己是境外上市公司;第二,给业务员冠以“分析师”、“知名机构操盘手”这样的头衔,以示他们的“高大上”;第三,教业务员各种骗人“话术”,比如我是从02年接触股市的,久病成良医之类的话;第四,先让股民们尝到甜头,以此“激励”他们加大投入量。而事实上,这家公司只是个空壳公司,根本没有我国证券交易的合法资质,他是一个由境外集团控制的网上股票诈骗团伙。那些所谓的“分析师”也都没专业资质,甚至连大学都没毕业,股票也没炒过。另外,股民投入的资金都会进入一个虚拟的炒股软件平台,而这个平台本身跟A股市场是没有任何连接的,股民可以看到自己账户中的所有投资交易,但这些交易并没有真正进行,资金只是在平台账户里面空转。所有进入平台的资金也会被各种隐性的收费扣掉,包括隔夜费、几十倍的杠杆费率等费用。据了解,为了不停地圈钱,每隔一段时间,这个平台还会更换新的名称,尽管公司的主页不同,但是炒股平台的软件依旧如出一辙。骗局花样翻新 万变不离其宗通过上述事件,不难看出,网络股票已经有了一条黑色产业链。但国内知名财富管理机构嘉丰瑞德的资深分析师表示,类似的股票诈骗事件并不少,而黑色产业链也不止这一条。此前,嘉丰瑞德也发布过一篇名为“那些所谓的‘荐股大师’玩的都是套路”的文章,对荐股骗子们的手段和流程进行了简单的说明,其背后实则也是一条黑色产业链,且“荐股大师”们的队伍相当庞大。对此,分析师表示,虽然这些诈骗分子套路不完全相同,骗术也在翻新,但万变不离其宗的是,他们都利用了股民们“想赚更多”、“扭亏为盈”、“低投入、高回报”的心理实施诈骗,以获取大量资金。提醒各位投资者,股市行情多变,不是一、两个人能操控得了的,也没有人只赢不亏。一旦碰到有人称自己是“专业分析师”、“荐股大师”或是推荐各种炒股软件,千万不要信。如果他们真有那么大的本事,早就赚得盆满钵满了,或是正忙着研究哪只股票又要涨了,哪还有空出来拉客户。所以,不听、不信是最好的防止被骗的手段。如果真的想从股市中赚钱,但自己又炒不好股,建议选择一些含股票投资的产品,这些都要比所谓的炒股软件、伪分析师来得靠谱。最后还要注意的一点是,最近有“炒股牛人”代客理财出现了亏损,虽然该事件并非诈骗,但此事一方面说明了现在市场上的“伪专家”真的很多;另一方面也给了各位投资者一个警醒:谁也不能保证将来没人会以此来进行诈骗。(和讯理财)免费咨询相关的主题文章:

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