There is an exclusive chat with you about the international range of children of those things (video iptd-651

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There is an exclusive chat with you about the international range of children of those things is a male god Beige suit collocation, animal gem brooch, as VICKY ZHANG catwalk star finale "handsome" the pressure. Show him happily with our exclusive dialogue, God witty and humorous, fashion degree is up up to rise. Long: Dream show I was proud of BOY are: the Tencent why fashion week? A: don’t you feel me very international range of children? Haha, I finally got out of the country! I am proud! Tencent: you are acting, reality show, fashion show, enjoy what state? There is now more to enjoy the show. Tencent: fashion show today there are a lot of beautiful clothes, which do you think can become explosive? Long: I wear a suit. Tencent are very special: chest pin. A long stitch: in fact, at least five hours, pure handmade. There is a particularly good name – small fly. Tencent fashion: what are you wearing today? It is our designer: and another brand R X X, specially for today interview preparation. Tencent fashion: what hobbies do you have? Long: sports such as skiing, but today, more of a hobby – making clothes. Tencent are: Hobby should show? A: if you have the opportunity, I especially want to go. Tencent fashion: what are you concerned about cross-border? Long: "crossover singer" is our company to do, so I also pay special attention to. If possible, I want to wear clothes, to sing. Tencent fashion: reality show? Long: this year only participated in a reality show, the other is not. Tencent fashion: which anime characters do you like best? Long: the love Hello kitty. Can’t say this! Tencent fashion: why? Long: with the heart like a reality show to do when the teacher used it, this is a little sensitive. Tencent fashion: really a little sensitive. A: but never mind, people are getting married. Tencent fashion: what did you say to Ruby Lin? Long: blessing heart as a teacher! Full of happiness! Tencent fashion: the heart will be a little sad haha. A: No, reality show. Tencent fashion: what do you like best about Cosplay? Have talent: now called cosplay, when we were young, every day cosplay, I was particularly love the "five Langyashan fighters", they wear green uniforms. Also like the saint, when he had no money to wear, and now can not wear down. Tencent fashion: do you like to update micro-blog? A: not really, micro-blog is now updated because there are friends in the supervision, how do I do not update. Really, my friends are so enthusiastic, if I read the message of my friends every day, it may be the same amount of reading a novel. I may not see, can only look at the front page. Tencent fashion: what to say with friends? There is concern with us: New York fashion week, welcomed the attention of New York fashion week!相关的主题文章:

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