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By , June 15, 2018 1:58 pm

SEO Whatever might have changed in the new dispensation, the one constant is content. However, this time round, what you, as a SEO services .pany, is obliged to give your client is a sharply-defined content strategy by which you give them the information their business requires by placing it in the likeliest places on the Net where they can see it. Your content strategy alone will take you to the peaks of success and for it to be relevant, you need to update it and tweak it from time to time, so that it caters to the growing and changing demands of your clients and the ways in which they look for information on the Net. Here are some elements that should go to make up your content strategy for the .ing years in the search engine optimization services space: Not in words, but in pictures: Now, content doesnt mean only words but has grown in scope to include pictures and graphics too. Using photos and images as content has given rise to the popularity of sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, a trend that is likely only to increase this year. Besides, with the growing popularity of social media networks and mobile phones, both these platforms can be used to share visual content and get ones message across instantly. Well-taken photos are usually liked more than well-crafted content, by which your content can travel miles across several continents with the press of the Send button. Mobile contentthe way ahead: If you cant stop the exponential growth of mobile Smartphones or tablets, get onto this bandwagon and make a fortune for your clients. The very fact that people are now using such devices as their first choice of Internet browsing explains their popularity. Smartphones, iPads and many other Android tablets are ruling the market now and its clear now that the Internet users who are leaning more towards such products will only increase in time to .e. So, its best to make mobile content part of your content strategy package. You could, however, write content for both mobile phones and PCs because both platforms arent exactly identical and yet their reach is tremendous. Guest posts: You should make guest posts a prominent part of your content strategy for now and the future. It can help build relationships that have the power to increase your clients brand value, create new business links, and connect with people of similar professional backgrounds. To get the most value out of guest posts, post really high quality content on .pany blogs for your client that are related to your business. Use this blogging platform to set your client up as an expert in your field and to be known in your field. This will give your clients the increased traffic they need and the respect of their target audience and increase the chances of interacting and .municating with like-minded people. By adding your content on guest posting platforms, your client gets free publicity and you build links of people who matter to your client. Besides, when people on social media platforms read your articles and like them, they can make them go viral. This will give you additional visibility online. Can you hope for more in an age of intense .petition online? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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