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By , April 15, 2018 12:21 pm

The wall Yuehuo, kills! Jiuyinzhenjing 2 tool 8.4 CGWR score novice card booking | jiuyinzhenjing area in the first stages of the research. The revelations we know, jiuyinzhenjing 2 world and some of the basic rules of survival, in this issue of the bid, will take you to understand jiuyinzhenjing 2 pieces of work out production process and use way. As the saying goes, walking the lakes, said the weapon is the heroes of the life of this, want to say today is not the daoqiangjianji ax hook these actionpacked with weapons, but with the heroes of survival based life tools. [character decided occupation identity production tools for a variety of purposes] in the traditional game mode, the main purpose of life is to the role of the occupation game player battle PK provide the basis for strengthening material upgrading, because the game over emphasis on combat experience in life, occupation performance often make a rough comparison, but there are many restrictions. Over time, the players have become less concerned about, are often busy looking for a career in life NPC, in accordance with the corresponding map, read the progress bar to get material. As a sandbox martial arts MMO, "jiuyinzhenjing 2" life occupation setting does not give the game player role label, but correspond to real life, as long as the role in certain behaviors, such as farming, so the role of state is "farmer", perhaps the next moment into the role of the blacksmith, then the state is "blacksmith" state, and not in the game player information bar game player marked occupation as "blacksmith", in a sense, there is no 2 human resource occupation system. [map] [hoe stone pickaxe set stone set map] 2 human resource to some sort of occupation behavior, still need the necessary tools. Such as quarrying stone pickaxe and cut down trees with stone axes, that is, these tools performance effect and corresponding to reality, function is also more diverse. For example, role of the use of stone pickaxe to quarry, the collected debris proportion is high, if for axes, is relatively easy to collect large pieces of stone, the same tree was cut. Effect of hoe in the game is 2 farmland farming, human resource is divided into two kinds, one is its own scene, which belongs to the senior block, these plots are often distributed in the natural environment is richly endowed by nature area, also known as Feng Shui, can also be used for planting herbs, crops and so on; another is the common land, game player can be the most ground for the transformation of cultivated land for farming. These tools are easy to get raw materials and the production process is relatively simple, is to enter the game early Shaoxia have one of the necessary tools. Needs to be emphasized is that although all the means of production, but also the danger, Shaoxia can be used as a self-defense weapon. Night lighting drive beast tool [map], set fire into the torch at night for many rivers and lakes are concerned, is a good time for action, many of the classic martial arts plot occurred at this time, think that year, Ximen Chuixue xiegucheng battle of Britain is the bauhinia in the midnight, I missed a shot dead Arjuna at night, the night environment is particularly true for martial arts atmosphere.相关的主题文章:

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