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By , November 20, 2017 5:21 pm

The twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair "Chinese Writers Museum opened — Reading — Beijing in August 29, the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair recently in Chinese International Exhibition Center opened. As an important part of Beijing Tibet will, by China Writers Association, China Writers Publishing Group hosted "Chinese Writers Museum" opening ceremony "celebrity biography" series of historical and cultural Chinese readers will meet here at. The president of the writers China Ning, vice chairman, party secretary Qian Xiaoqian attended the Chinese Writers Association and unveiled the "Chinese writers hall". The theme of this year’s "Chinese writers Pavilion" is the review and Prospect of Chinese literature in the past five years. In November 2011 Eighth National Zuodaihui since five years, the development of literature is China extraordinary five years. In five years, the literary world thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen Central Committee on the work of literature and art since a series of major initiatives, important deployment, implementation of the "CPC Central Committee on the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art opinion" comprehensive literature hot scene, majestic and grand, showing a gratifying situation, the thriving flowers blooming. The new trend of contemporary writers China actively adapt to the new requirements of the times, the development of the new changes, the cultural life of the masses of the people demand the development of new media, consciously adhere to the people-centered creative oriented, in-depth life, rooted in the people ", for the people, for the people to express emotion, people’s feelings, reflect the Chinese nation unremitting self-improvement struggle and refuse to be cowed or submit national spirit by the rich and colorful ink, China description of contemporary historical changes are happening, people of all ethnic groups to achieve record China dream and make unremitting efforts of the deeds, tells a vivid sense of the" Chinese story "and the unique experience of Chinese, Chinese spirit, dedicated to a large number of bones, bear, the temperature of the outstanding works of Lu Xun prize for literature, Mao Dun literature award, National Award for outstanding children’s literature, national minority ethnic literature creation" Chun The horse award is the representative of these outstanding works. Particularly gratifying is that in five years, foreign exchange and dialogue in our literature more equal, more in-depth, more active, more active, the pace of China literature "going out" a firmer and more significant results, Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature, Liu Cixin Hao Jingfang won the Hugo prize for literature, science fiction Cao Wenxuan won the international Andersen prize. Not only shows the Chinese literary strength to the world, also marks the China literary world influence has been real ascension. Chinese Writers Association Secretary Wu Yiqin said in his speech, 2016 is the seventh debut China Writers Museum in Beijing Tibet meeting. This year, the Chinese writers Pavilion focuses on the literary achievements of the past five years, is to pay tribute to the continuous progress of Chinese literature, to win more and more Chinese writers praise. Five years Chinese literature development achievements, is the vast number of writers and literary workers painstaking creation, Yongpangaofeng the proud, is worth treasuring. Hope that "a series of exhibitions and activities organized by the writer Chinese Museum" can promote readers and literature lovers understanding of achievements in the development of China contemporary literature, also hope that everyone can inspire, confidence and energy from the literature from the harvest. According to reports, this year, "Chinese writers"相关的主题文章:

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