The twelfth Guangxi Sports Dance Championships held in Guangxi, channel

By , April 19, 2018 3:12 am

The twelfth Guangxi Sports Dance Championships held in Nanning, Guangxi channel — Nanning 8 October, October 5 – 6, 2016 twelfth Guangxi Sports Dance Championship and the surrounding province, city sports dance tournament held in Nanning. 39 teams all over Guangxi and neighboring provinces and cities of the 1100 contestants from Guangxi stadium have onstage, their sports dance charm. The tournament organized by the center for the development of sports events in Guangxi society, including standard dance, Latin dance, ballroom dance, dance and other five series of events, set up the occupation group, amateur group and college group, Evergreen Group, adult group, youth group, youth group and dozens of other age groups. Participants are from Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan and other cities and counties, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, fitness clubs, dance training institutions, etc., the youngest only 5 years old, the largest retired dancers have many years of retirement. Guangxi Sports Dance Championship is a traditional sports dance in Guangxi, has been held for twelve times, the game is designed to enhance the level of Sports Dance Sports in Guangxi, promote the development of sports dance. According to the director of the center for the development of social sports of Guangxi Lin Jinghua introduced, sports dance is the national fitness activities, promotion of popular fitness projects in Guangxi sports dance enthusiasts have more than 1 million, the number of participants is increasing year by year, this year the 1100 contestants another previous high, as the sports dance competition in Guangxi this year, the highest level. The game also invited the international referee to score and supervision. Through two days of competition, the title of the 321 groups belong to each other, sports dance lovers dance with their favorite way to spend a special national day holiday. (Ruan Xuri, Zhang Jingwen) to (commissioning editor Zhou Yule and Xu Jinwen)相关的主题文章:

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