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By , June 15, 2018 1:54 pm

Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel run down and burned out, with hardly any positive energy to give to the activities you once enjoyed? We have all been there tired, mentally and physically exhausted, and maybe even depressed. On top of all that, if you depend on food to gain a necessary lift, you may now also be struggling with unwanted weight gain or out-of-control emotional eating. You do not need to go through life exhausted, depressed, stressed, or overweight! Your lack of energy is .pletely reversible. If your get up and go has got up and gone, follow these ten steps and discover how to rejuvenate and awaken your passions: 1. Make a New Choice! Having more energy involves making a conscious choice to be alive, in a physical body, and deciding that you want your life to be a good experience. No kidding! Choice is very powerful and is the pivot on which your world turns. When you consciously decide that you want to be alive, you also choose to love yourself in very practical terms. That means doing whatever is necessary to associate with passions, dreams, and actions that increase the amount of energy and joy in your life. 2. Raise Your Self-Esteem People with low energy are often riddled with doubt and disempowering beliefs. They may feel: things are beyond their control there is no point in trying because nothing ever works a victim of life undeserving hopeless about a better future With these beliefs intact, it is natural to look for short cuts, magic cures, and answers outside of ourselves. However, when you feel lousy about yourself you can eat a perfect diet, take all the best supplements, but still have low energy. Change your beliefs about yourself and start thinking well about your future. Mountains of energy be.e available to you as you step into new realms of possibility. 3. Worry Effectively Stress and worry are among the top leading causes of feeling tired and worn-out. 1Stress happens when you believe you do not have the time, experience, or resources to deal with a situation. The ac.panying anxiety, frustration, or upset are clear indications that you feel disempowered, you believe yourself to be at risk, or you currently believe yourself unable to effect change in your life. Plug up this energy drain by writing down your major discontents. Get your thoughts out into the open where you can see what is going on. Put a voice to what you believe about the world and your place in it. This provides a clear sense of what you want to move away from. From there, take the next step and identify new choices that empower and ignite passion. 4. Learn Goal-Setting Skills Energy .es from doing the things you like and making decisions that feel good. Goal setting skills show you exactly how to focus on activities that energize you. Move beyond what happened or why, and instead of unresolved anxiety, overwhelm, or hopelessness, look toward what excites you. What is important to you? What actions bring a sense of meaning or ac.plishment? As you apply concentrated effort on exactly what you want, you unleash enormous focus and energy for yourself. 5. Engage Your Creative Spirit At first, goal setting is typically a left-brained activity. It is all analytical and action oriented, without any heart. It is .mon to believe that success and joy occur at the end, and that you will feel better once you have what you want. This is simply not the truth. Your creative spirit is necessary to inspire, activate energy, and connect that energy with your desire. Learn to enjoy your journey and watch yourself looking forward to each new day! 6. Build Confidence Visualize and feel the passion of being alive in the way you want to be alive. As your energy begins to rise, breathe it in, let it flow through your body. Notice what action you could take that is balanced with the energy you currently have available. Once you know what that action is, follow through. Taking action that is too big, or taking no action at all, both decrease energy. Taking the right action for who you are right now and being successful in that action leads to a higher level of confidence and expands the amount of energy available to you. 7. Get Used to Feeling More Energized Make a choice to notice your moments of higher energy and acclimate to feeling your body more energized. Let yourself know it is okay to be more alive. Seriously! Having more energy takes some getting used to. Let yourself know, I like this feeling! I want more of this! 8. Breathe When we are anxious or under stress, we have a tendency to take chest breaths or one that are short and shallow. This habit greatly reduces the amount of oxygen available to your body and brain, and causes energy levels to drop dramatically. Taking as few as two or three deep breaths will help. The goal is slow, deep, and calm abdominal breathing. Consciously, deliberately, and often practice this type of deeply fulfilling breathing that says Yes! to life. 9. Be Kind to Yourself Fatigue is a sign that your body is calling out for more support. The best sources of natural energy include sunlight, fresh air, and enjoyable movement. Love yourself and focus on a joyful experience. Acknowledge your efforts and successes. Speak kindly to yourself. Watch movies that inspire or make you laugh. Go for walks outside. Pamper your body. Have more fun. Breathe. Energy is the celebration of your life. 10. Energy, Food, and Life 2Caffeine or .fort foods such as chocolate, cookies, candy, and soda might provide an instant lift, but you will end up feeling worse later in the day. Tried and true energy increasing strategies include eating regular balanced meals and snacks, increasing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and drinking more water. In addition, add these innovative ideas to create abundant energy: Get personally involved with your food and cook a meal for yourself twice a week. It is important that your life energy and intentions be.e a part of the food you prepare and then ingest. Form a partnership with food. Acknowledge the energy in food, inhale and breathe with your food, and accept the energy in food into your own body. Share your self-prepared meal with a friend or love one. Have your friend return the favor and cook for you. Make each cooking and eating event a full, delightful, and stimulating sensory experience. Choose fruits, vegetables, and whole grains bursting with life! Not because a dietary rule tells you to do so, but because when you want to be more alive, you naturally gravitate toward the foods that carry more life energy. Gaining more energy can seem perplexing at first, but with practice and a positive attitude, your ability to renew and invigorate gets much easier. Energy is always around you, in you, and available to you. Follow these ideas and give your energy level a boost today! 相关的主题文章:

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