The Tiangong two will be launched the secret you should know in advance –

By , April 15, 2018 8:04 am

The "Tiangong two" will be launched the "secret" you should know in advance – Beijing from tomorrow, "Tiangong two" will enter the launch window, choose the launch. As China’s first truly space lab, "Tiangong two" has entered people’s sight. In September 9th, the "Tiangong two" space laboratory and "long two" F T2 rocket vertically transferred to the launch tower. In September 11th, the "Tiangong two" to carry out the task of the whole system launch exercises for 3.5 hours. In September 12th, the launch of the "Tiangong two" "long two" F T2 "carrier rocket into the filling preparation. According to the plan, "Tiangong two" space lab will be launched in September 15th 20 to choose, then carry out orbit test and the establishment of independent operation mode, ready to meet the "Shenzhou eleven" manned spacecraft to visit. This is the "Long March seven" after the first flight of the rocket, China’s manned space engineering space laboratory stage mission of the second flight. The "Tiangong two" long what kind? The "Tiangong two" resource class Delta "Temple No. two," JEM Delta "Temple No. two," the overall appearance of "Tiangong two" space laboratory from the appearance and "Tiangong-1" or similar, composed of resources and experimental class two class cabin structure. The main function of resource cabin is the "Tiangong two" in space flight provides energy and power. As a sealed cabin, its main function is to provide astronauts with clean, temperature and humidity suitable for manned space and space. According to the plan, in October this year, China will launch Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft docking with the Tiangong two "space laboratory, of the medium-term presence of astronauts test for 30 days; the next year," long seven "rocket launch day boat one cargo ship, and" House No. two "for docking. In addition, verification of propellant space station construction key technology operation. "Temple No. two" and "Shenzhou eleven" launch and docking, is China’s construction of the space station key battle. The question is, "Temple No. two," why is it so important? It is with "Tiangong-1" one? The "Tiangong two": China’s first space laboratory "Tiangong two" called "space laboratory", is China’s first space laboratory platform. Prior to the "Tiangong-1" is the "target aircraft". From the target aircraft into a space lab, there is a big difference here. The main goals of the "Tiangong-1" at that time the task is a breakthrough, rendezvous and docking technology combination control and medium-term presence of astronauts and they all belong to the advanced technology verification. The "Tiangong two" is a space lab in the true sense, will carry out 14 space science and application of the project, the manned space mission is the previous application project is one of the largest. More importantly, the "Tiangong two" in the finish after launch, it will complete three missions, astronauts in space orbit mid dwell; propellant feeding; maintenance technology test. These core technologies and reserves.相关的主题文章:

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