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By , April 16, 2018 10:17 pm

The state-owned shareholder mix change is expected to change from Zhaoqing Xiangyang bearing hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my secret, the reporter Qin Bian large shareholders Sun Fang local state-owned listed companies. Mix change and new case: Xiangyang bearing yesterday afternoon announcement, the company received the same day the notice of the controlling shareholder of the tricyclic group, Hubei province SASAC as the actual control of the tricyclic group, is planning to reform matters Sanhuan group mixed, according to the provisions in the Wuhan Optics Valley joint property exchange publicly to introduce strategic investors. The matter may cause the actual control of the three ring group changed, resulting in the ultimate control of the Xiangyang bearing change. Zhengbao reporter learned from sources close to the Hubei provincial SASAC, the three ring group’s proposed strategic investors may be a large private enterprises, but the news has not been officially confirmed. Tricyclic group by the Hubei provincial SASAC to fulfill the responsibilities of investor owned large manufacturing enterprises, mainly engaged in special vehicles, special vehicles, military vehicles, auto parts and CNC forging machine production and operation, completed in 2015 the company system reform, the enterprise owned by the whole people into a wholly state-owned company, and changed its name from "tricyclic group the company" to "Sanhuan Group Co. ltd.". Tricyclic group has long been the introduction of strategic investors work planning. The official website of the latest news is that in August 8th this year, in the afternoon, Xu Kezhen, vice governor of Hubei province to the company to conduct a special investigation of enterprise reform. Xu Kezhen pointed out that: Sanhuan group leadership team members in the understanding of the deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, clear thinking, clear objectives and measures, made a breakthrough in some enterprise reform, the next step is to firmly establish confidence in the reform, reforms to enhance the sense of responsibility and mission; we must unswervingly seek to promote the introduction of strategic investors the overall restructuring, to revitalize the stock increment, the pursuit of win-win cooperation in capital appreciation…… Go back, back in June 2014 the introduction of the "Hubei province funded enterprise reform guidelines", the government of Hubei Province proposed, will Sanhuan group reorganized as machinery, automobiles and auto parts investment company, the introduction of strategic investors, the strength of the positive group company will be changed to equity diversified company. Reporters noted that in the past two years, tricyclic group has carried out the "stripping and cleaning auxiliary three or four subsidiary" downsizing program. Reporter inquiry was informed that this year, the three ring group has been listed on the stock exchange through the sale of the company’s 55% stake in the company’s state-owned assets and state-owned equity Real Estate Company of 100%. Last year, the group had the state-owned shares, Shuangou company 100% electromechanical company’s listing transfer. Currently, the group has 20 companies, of which 14 industrial enterprises, trading enterprises, 6. On the other hand, the tricyclic group also around the car, auto parts and machinery industry, the main industry of a series of investment, which is the impact of the acquisition of the Poland KFLT bearing company 100% shares相关的主题文章:

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