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The son is facing a small rise early for its elite father jailed for fake real estate license original title: "elite" fake real estate license, father was sentenced to Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Chang Faxuan Yu Suyun Yu Yingjie) worked for many years in Changshu Zhu, in order to make the primary school son to a local elite junior middle school at all, the "good" fake real estate license, land certificate to obtain the qualification for admission, at first under false pretenses, successfully get admission notice, but soon found out, he was indicted. The day before, Changshou City people’s court accepted the forged documents state organs crime, sentenced the defendant Zhu imprisonment for 6 months, suspended for 1 years. "I know wrong, I also for children to school, please court lighter treatment."." Today, Zhu regret a previous mistake. Last summer, seeing his son is graduating from primary school to junior high school, the new Changshu people in the local working years of Zhu especially wanted her son to a local "elite", but found himself in the "new citizen integral" can not let the children successfully enrolled, and home conditions are also unable to buy the school district room. So he thought of a fake real estate license "shortcut". In June 29, 2015, Zhu by the roadside posted small ads linked to a false, a real cell name and number with the prestigious record before their own teaching area for the content, to buy fake People’s Republic of China "all of housing" and "People’s Republic of China state-owned land use certificate" a book, then take this two documents to the relevant departments to complete the formalities for his son. The school staff did not see the exception at the beginning, for the registration process for zhu. When the admission notice arrived, Zhu thought he’d done it. Who knows to the beginning of the August, found the staff to check the relevant information, Zhu offered two of the warrants is not registered in the relevant departments, and is suspected of false alarm. Zhu consciously guilty, surrendered to the public security department and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime. After Changshou City housing property registration certification center, Changshou City Institute of land registration and identification, two of the warrants were all false. Zhu’s son’s admission notice was also retracted. The court of Changshu held that the defendant, Zhu, forged the certificate of state organs, which constituted a crime. The fact that the public prosecution organs prosecute the accused for falsifying the certificate of the state organs is clear and the evidence is indeed sufficient. According to the circumstances of the crime and the defendant in the case of the confession, repentance attitude, sentenced Zhu imprisonment for 6 months, suspended for 1 years. The judge said, "criminal law" in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of article 280th, forged or altered, the sale or theft, robbery, destruction of official documents, certificates or seals of state organs, three years imprisonment, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights; if the circumstances are serious, three years more than ten years of fixed-term prison. In real life, parents attach great importance to children’s education problems, the prevalence of school choice. In the case, Zhu for children on the "famous school" forged property certificate and land certificate, not only can not let the children go to school smoothly, their behavior has violated the law, punished by law, the loss outweighs the gain. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

儿子面临小升初 父亲为其上名校伪造房产证获刑   原标题:为上“名校”伪造房产证,父亲被判刑   扬子晚报讯(通讯员 常法轩 记者 於苏云 于英杰)在常熟工作多年的朱某,为了让小学毕业的儿子能上当地一所“名校”初中,不惜“苦心”伪造房产证、土地证以求得入学资格,起初蒙混过关,顺利拿到入学通知书,但很快败露,自己也被起诉。日前,常熟市人民法院审结了这起伪造国家机关证件罪案,依法判处被告人朱某有期徒刑6个月,缓刑1年。   “我知道错了,我也是为了孩子上学,请法院从轻处理。”如今的朱某悔不当初。去年夏天,眼看着儿子即将小学毕业升入初中,在当地工作多年的常熟新市民朱某特别希望儿子能上当地一所“名校”,但发现自己的“新市民积分”无法让孩子顺利入读,而家里的条件也无力购买该校的学区房,于是他想到一条伪造房产证的“捷径”。   2015年6月29日,朱某通过路边张贴的小广告联系到一个做假证的,用自己之前记下的这所名校施教区的一个真实小区名称及门牌号码为内容,购买了伪造的《中华人民共和国房屋所有权证》和《中华人民共和国国有土地使用证》各一本,然后拿着这两本证件到相关部门为儿子办理入学手续。   该校工作人员起初并未看出异常,就为朱某办理了登记手续。入学通知书顺利到手,朱某以为大功告成。谁知到了8月初,工作人员核对相关信息时发现,朱某提供的两本权证在相关部门并无登记,怀疑是假证并报警。朱某自觉心虚,到公安部门投案自首并如实供述了犯罪事实。后经常熟市房屋产权登记发证中心、常熟市土地登记所鉴定,这两本权证均系假证。朱某儿子的入学通知书也被收回。   常熟法院经审理认为,被告人朱某伪造国家机关证件,已构成犯罪。公诉机关起诉指控被告人犯伪造国家机关证件罪的事实清楚,证据确实充分。根据本案的犯罪情节及被告人的认罪、悔罪态度,判处朱某有期徒刑6个月,缓刑1年。   法官称,依照《刑法》第280条第一款的规定,伪造、变造、买卖或者盗窃、抢夺、毁灭国家机关的公文、证件、印章的,处三年以下有期徒刑、拘役、管制或者剥夺政治权利;情节严重的,处三年以上十年以下有期徒刑。现实生活中,家长都非常重视孩子的教育问题,择校之风盛行。该案中,朱某为让子女上“名校”伪造房产证和土地证,不但无法让孩子顺利入学,其行为也已触犯法律,受到法律惩处,得不偿失。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章:

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