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The reason is the bloodthirsty emperor Zhu Yuanzhang because he suffers from mental illness? Core tip: some people believe that Zhu Yuanzhang’s life has been too much mental impact, the status of the situation is bad, humble, fighting hard and sacrifice of the tragic, leaving too much trauma in his heart. Once the emperor, had a big gap so that he has a dream suddenly feeling. He often fantasy, this is not a real existence, lest lose after having got it. Inferiority, fear, crisis consciousness tangled together, in his spirit formed a kind of abnormal delusions of persecution. One man commits a crime, according to a clan. The owl, Lynch and peeling, cramps, and scrubbing, pumping intestine, tattoo, and cut off the nose, castration, amputating the feet knees and other non pick a multitude of names. From the Zhu Yuanzhang kill the selection on the way, he had fallen into the music to others to fill their own spiritual emptiness of the bloody murder. This paper from the Zhu Yuanzhang data figure:, author: to fly, the original title: Zhu Yuanzhang bloodthirsty is due to suffering from mental illness? Some people think that the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty was once the world, a cloud, and like the rain, I can afford, is one of the world’s role. But his son Prince to be meek and weak, he worried that once he hundred years to mountain, his children are not in control of the situation. According to the history of Zhu Yuanzhang; Prince ZhuBiao innocents have repeatedly admonition not to regard it as right. One day, Zhu Yuanzhang took a long full of spiky thorns shall throw on the ground, called ZhuBiao ZhuBiao to pick it up, looking from left to right, no place to start. Zhu Yuanzhang laughed, and he said, "this is not a good thorn? For you if I will cut down those spikes, wouldn’t it be nice to take it? Now I killed, are likely to threaten your throne in the future, I put them apart, is made in the great blessing for you!" Therefore, the killing of his hero, is in the Ming Dynasty to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the safety of his descendants. Some people think that Zhu Yuanzhang bornwilderness, early vagabond, corrupt officials know usurpations of the evil, bullying by Caomin investment report no pain. He was powerful, hatred of oppression, hatred of conspiracy, he wants to establish a government official, the people live and work in peace Qingming world respect justice and abide by the laws. Was on the eve of war yet, he appointed Li Shanchang as president of law officer, together with Yang Xian, Liu Ji and other twenty people responsible for the formulation of laws. He also called the Royal West each, Chenci sit calmly about law of righteousness ", one by one review, then promulgated. Hongwu six years (1373), he sent Xingbu Shangshu in "the Ming Dynasty law", "every play a life, exposing the two sides, the Pro Plus decision", a total of six hundred and six, issued by the executive. He is a strict rule of the monarch, the prince of crime, and the common people with the crime, "equality before the law". In one case, or war, food insecurity, Zhu Yuanzhang had ordered the prohibition. General Hu Dahai’s son will be forbidden. What are Wang Kai states: Hu Dahai is at the front of flame, rao. Zhu Yuanzhang was furious: "would rather not be anti Hu, bad me!" He was a knife he killed himself to smoke. With this he coldly said to Hu Weiyong "Sharenchangming", there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. The hero is not to regard it as right xunjiu. They believe that the world is out of their own shopping)相关的主题文章:

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