The reality show has a script Wang Sicong in order to effect the reason-rosstallanma

By , April 15, 2018 12:25 pm

The reality show has a script? Wang Sicong: in order to effect the reason for the November 1st evening of Wang Sicong, hello! The goddess Festival ended "debut in Beijing water cube, 4 months after the national goddess into reality show officially ending. When asked about the recent concern about the reality show has a script problem, Wang Sicong said: "in order to show the effect of the broadcast, there is also a reasonable script." And then added: "our show is a little bit more real, because it’s live." Subsequently, a reporter mentioned about the network violence problem, micro-blog has been at the center of public opinion "Red Net Wang, after hearing the problem after the first pause for a few seconds, then said: This is a difficult question to answer," because this is a kind of social phenomenon, and the current China keyboard man too much, in two words or three it is difficult to explain, the only thing we can do is flat mentality, the most fundamental thing is to have the ability to solve the people to solve."相关的主题文章:

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