The Real Plot Against You-beself

By , July 25, 2018 1:06 am

Network-Marketing Yes there is a plot against you! As we pass through the education system, we begin to receive the programming that channels us into being normal. As we start our jobs, we continue to receive the programming to further channel us into being normal. Trust me; I have be.e well aware of the programming I have received over the years that has made me .fortable with continuing to be normal. And worse yet, I contributed to the programming of my children as they passed through my care.Now the grandchildren are .ing along, but I am in a different position.I have be.e aware of the programming that made me normal. One of the biggest myths we are exposed to is the PYRAMID.It an excuse for everything we are presented.So lets look at the myth vs the reality. We normally picture a PYRAMID sitting on its base with the point at the top.This is a stable configuration.In most job situations we are somewhere in the middle of this PYRAMID.We can always find people above us or below us in the chain of .mand. As we try to rise in the PYRAMID, the .PETITION gets keener; the jobs are fewer; the perks are greater.We reach a stage where we may have to trade off some of our personal and family values to continue to participate in the .PETITION. I can remember early in my military career, when I first received the It will affect your career answer to a request I made to stay in Idaho with my wife for an extra six months.Our first child was due to be born about six weeks after I .pleted my prototype training.The other options were for my wife to precede me back to the east coast to stay with her parents so she could fly safely, or for her to remain behind in Idaho when I shipped out for my next course in Connecticut and join me some time after the baby was born.Since our request was denied, she did fly home early and I was fortunate enough to have our first daughter to be born on a Saturday so I could be present for the birth.But there was no time to stay behind and I was back at school in Connecticut when the baby came home from the hospital. Somehow as a new ensign going through my initial training stages, I could never figure out how it was going to really hurt me to be six months behind my contemporaries in .pleting my initial pipeline training, or how it would really impact the Navy or the Submarine Force to be without this unqualified ensign for that period of time.One I did figure out was that no one else cared about my family situation.The needs of the Service came first and that was going to control what happened. The same types of choices have faced us all.Business requirements are frequently much more important that being around for first steps, recitals, and other similar milestones in our childrens lives. This is a .mon excuse when businesses are confronted with patterns of sexual discrimination in that the women in the organization took time to meet the child rearing responsibilities that .e along.It is the mother who generally gets the phone calls when the child gets sick, or stays home when the child wakes up sick, or takes time off to take the child to the doctors appointments. So lets flip the PYRAMID up on its end.First of all, this looks unstable.Your mind says the PYRAMID can not stay this way, it will fall over on its side and the point will be up again.But is it really?When you draw it on paper, it will stay any way you draw it. Now what you have is a PYRAMID on its point.This actually does represent a home-based business based on network marketing principles.You still want to get up to the top of the PYRAMID, but it is now broad not pointed.And the way to the top is not .petition but it is CREATIVITY.There is plenty of room.If you are in the proper .pany, you will find that your leadership is seeking to advance you as far as you want to go, not keep you in your place.Your leadership wants to be your coach or mentor, not your boss. Break away from the plot that society has taught you through the years.Realize that there is another path.There is an opportunity that will allow you to expand your horizons and not constrain you to the box you are in.It is now up to you to go find it!! About the Author: Jeff Furgeson, Life Style Mentor and Successful Entrepreneur, is helping many be.e the next success story. Whether you’re looking to create an extra few thousand dollars per month, be an ex-corporate executive, or the next millionaire Mom, Jeff can assist you to create a second stream of in.e and greater peace of mind. visit : Entrepreneur Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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