The purchase of credit limit and let fly higher and more stable prices

By , November 16, 2017 5:52 pm

The purchase of credit limit and let prices fly higher and more stable the opinion leaders of sina finance column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist He Rongliang to the local government land leasing and security, an important premise is that local housing prices remained at a certain high level. From this point of view, the country actively implement the purchase and credit limit policy, the demand is steady, the residents home demand shift can make prices higher and stable, so as to ensure a good harvest in the land market. The purchase of credit limit and let prices fly higher and more stable domestic prices have been rising in 2016, the China surging property market, to promote the city of Beijing housing prices, Shanghai and Shenzhen has exceeded Japan and Tokyo, to Hongkong and singapore. Such as the current housing prices in Tokyo in the sale of 6.5-7 million square meters (equivalent to two Beijing new premises in the loop), and the new premises at Beijing the same region has more than 100 thousand square meters, more frightening is that the Mentougou area has been sold out of the remote 50 thousand square meters of real estate, but a real heaven, Chinese real estate prices will rise to what extent? Who benefited from high prices? Such as the traditional industry is difficult to get rid of the Internet plus fate, and as long as the development of the earth, any industry can not escape the impact of real estate. But the Internet is to subvert the traditional industry revolution and positive improvement, and real estate prices is a negative impact on the real economy. High prices, beneficiaries. The first beneficiary is the local government. In recent years, local government debt crisis, the Audit Commission has published data, in June 2013, the local government debt balance of 17 trillion and 900 billion yuan, and Mizuho Securities estimates, China scale of local government debt has reached 25 trillion yuan, more than the total economy of germany. At present, large and medium-sized city house prices rose wheeled, sole owner of city land as assets on the table, surge, with income will also have security, "the most expensive land adjacent to the" around July and August, the local government has to earn pours. Thus, after this round of skyrocketing housing prices, the successful implementation of the local government debt up onto the purchase crowd. Statistics show that China’s mortgage loan repayment burden rate of 39%, while the current growth rate in 2016 calculated repayment burden rate will be close to 40%, while in 2015 was only in the year of 2011, in the following year in less than 20% in 2012. By the end of 2015, China’s home mortgage income ratio of up to 0.46, which has exceeded the level of the Japanese real estate bubble economy period, while the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis period this figure was 0.5. Of course, there are differences in specific cities, but most of the price increases. National Bureau of statistics released in 2016 70 large and medium cities in the new commercial housing price changes, the city rose to reach 62 in August. In a word, the eastern and western regions, urban land prices have been sufficient to cover the debt, and land prices did not rise in the region, mainly in the northeast provinces and Shanxi. The second beneficiary is a multi suite and a large number of commercial real estate groups. Especially in the housing prices of large and medium cities, the successful purchase of several sets of real estate相关的主题文章:

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