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The portrait of Xi Jinping literary mind, give us inspiration? Liaoning Channel – original title: [exclusive] on the Autobiography of Xi Jinping literary mind, give us inspiration? [Knight Island Press] in October 15th two years ago, Xi Jinping hosted a lively and meaningful forum, it was the work of the forum. Why is it important? When the knight island has done detailed interpretation, can not only tell you the Chuiladanchang, debauch. The so-called "behind this means Writings are for conveying truth., but deep. The important role of Xi Jinping art has deep experience, he said a lot of wonderful words at the Forum: "a national revival needs a powerful material force, also need a strong spiritual force", "art is the times of the horn, the most representative style of an era, most can lead a time atmosphere", so, "when the edifice in our country all over everywhere, the spirit of the Chinese nation building should also stand. Our writers and artists should be the mood of the times Illuminatis, pioneer, first advocate". Since ancient times, China has attached great importance to Literature and art, the ancients even said that the article is "the great cause of the country, the immortal event". Why mention so high? Because of the great works of literature and art, not only shaping the nation’s cultural identity, but also plays a role of human society rife. Since the eighteen years of the party, Xi Jinping has been talking about the topic of literature and art in many occasions. The study group published the "Xi Jinping literary love" the disclosure of Xi Jinping at the Forum on the 15 story about unscripted memories, childhood reading experience, there are adult literary creation exclusive experience, reflects his unique understanding of and pay special attention to art, has a clear historical context the. The meanders, like listening to uncle next door Jianggulunjin, plain words revealed a thinking and understanding. Knight island will take you to the interpretation of Xi Jinping’s literary thought. Sentimental books like old friends 1, sake is my life goal I read literary works mostly in adolescence, then see more of a political class of books. I remember when I was very young, it is estimated that five or six years old, my mother took me to buy books. At that time, my mother in the Central Party school work. From the Central Party school to Xiyuan on the road, there is a Xinhua bookstore. I was lazy and didn’t want to walk, and my mother took me there to buy Yue Fei’s comic book. At that time there are two versions, one is "Yue Fei", a lot of this, there is a "cizi mother-in-law"; another version is specifically about sake of this story, my mother bought me. Buy back, she told me the story of theirmotherland and cizi mother-in-law. I said, the word thorn up, much pain ah! My mother said, is painful, but the heart Ming remember. "Patriotism" four words, I at that time to now, it is my life goal. Comments: excellent literary works is a magician, will make people cry, make people laugh, will make the streets in the night a red skirt, will give the child’s life, "the first button"相关的主题文章:

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