The perfect blend of ink and ink

By , November 14, 2017 10:01 pm

Wu Guanzhong line and the perfect blend of ink for the Chinese painter in twentieth Century to highlight the achievements of the painting, the art of almost no one did not know of the. He not only painting achievements to admire, and Western painting brushwork style, into the Chinese Qingrun paintings, like the epoch-making strong artistic style. Wu Guanzhong’s painting language, indeed to the people in the understanding of the idea, bringing a sense of refreshing. He is rich in thought, and has a poetic romantic mood for painting creation." The pen is the accumulation of beautiful lines, colorful and bright color with smart jump, highlight the joy of life. Wu Guanzhong is very interested in the nature of the field sketch, it can be said that his every painting is the painting of real life to come, and not to the point of no hard spun yizao, rich color and charming lines often mesmerizing. Wu Guanzhong and Van Gogh in the painting, often deeply moved, that the legendary "western Van Gogh, Kua Fu" and his gorgeous thick paint brush, like the rapid rotation of the carbon fire of life. Figure 1 "Wu Guanzhong Wu Guanzhong" pastoral style this piece of paper ink works "pastoral style" (Figure 1), in the use of pen and ink, the large blank painting with idyllic ink and line a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, blending, gathering aspect of beautiful symphony. Mr. in composition, the Western perspective skillfully used Chinese painting; a few clever lines, a few moist ink, intoxicated people open the boundless beauty of nature. Analysis from the perspective of painting, natural quiet simplicity of the pen, is the painter thought of the broad chest area due to wind. In fact, the simple sum of the painting is just China painting "black white when" the ethereal realm. Zheng Xuehu was granted six words "easy to implement object, virtual office difficult". This painting of "virtual", Chinese is the highest level of ink painting into emptiness! At this point, Wu Guanzhong is definitely a deep understanding of painting. As "the rhythm of life" (Figure 2), when Wu Guanzhong to enjoy this piece of smooth lines, colorful works, our hearts seem all blood boiling, it makes people excited, and let a person of whimsy. As if the man into a dream world. The painter lines and everything in good order and well arranged refinement, 10000 bright color beauty, which really makes people carefree. Each use Chinese and Western, let four surging perfect lines, more artistic inspiration. Mr. Wu Guanzhong’s beautiful lines and colors, but the view of the stars, the Milky Way waterfalls, as well as Zhang Xuguan sword Gongsun aunt, that life has natural inspiration. Figure 2 Wu Guanzhong "melody of life", said Wu Guanzhong: "art is formed naturally, the times will be sincere to retain and relentless elimination……" We believe in nature, as nature believes in sincerity. Mr. Wu painted the natural and sincere. Therefore, in his works, will never appear feeble the dull monotony of the pen, but with the rhythm of life like fire!相关的主题文章:

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