The people of Guizhou dresser and Wuning workers love fraud; nearly 100 thousand jailed for 3 -9c8996

By , April 17, 2018 9:01 am

The people of Guizhou "dresser" and Wuning workers "love"   fraud; nearly 100 thousand jailed for 3 years – Jiangxi Channel – a single male lonely, looking for a girl in WeChat in the vicinity of the people in the chat, this is a good choice? "The people in the vicinity" is such a lonely man". His hometown is far away in Hunan, nearly 30 years has not been the object, alone in the Wuning Industrial Park to work in the factory during the day, living in the dormitory at night, monotonous and boring life. Industrial Park, mostly male colleagues, Zhang master little chance to make friends. Although there is a job for three or four years, but in the long term the first two points of life let him unfamiliar to this place is still "". Where can I find my girlfriend?" He couldn’t help asking himself. It is better to use "near" luck. WeChat know that is free in the evening of September 10, 2015, a teacher in the vicinity of the people to find a man named xinyousuoshu female, Master Zhang dreamily hit "hello". Xinyousuoshu quickly answer. She claims to be Wang Yan, is a native of Wuning, in the County opened a clothing store. After a brief opening and self introduction, the two people naturally talked about the emotional topic. "I talked about one before." Wang Yan spoke of his emotional experience "cannot bear to think of the past, he is not good for me, and often beat and scold." The tone is still full of resentment. Internet dating she seems to be emotionally hurt ah, at least master Zhang think so, proper comfort is necessary, do not hang in a tree, there is a good man." In these sweet words, Wang Yan also seems to gradually open their hearts, in fact, I do not really want to find the high requirements, as long as the value of me, to me on the line." Wang Yan say this is because she has confidence". According to her introduction, her house in Wuning opened a chain of clothing stores, basically swept the Wuning clothing distribution market, home conditions do not have to say. "Men are not looking for money", Wang Yan’s every word that he longed for love". As a result, Zhang master feel that they have the opportunity, the more heated to chat with her. WeChat less than a week of red envelopes, the two men on the Internet to establish a relationship. Wang Yan from time to time will let Zhang sent a red envelope to her, and more than a few hundred dollars, a few dozen yuan, the amount is not large. Master Zhang to ask what is the money in aid of, "make me happy about it," as long as Wang Yan so spoiled, Master Zhang took over out red envelopes without demur. "You have to give me a red envelope every day, 13.14 yuan." "Give me a National Day package 888 yuan package is good?" It seems that the red envelope wrapped is not money, but love is two people in love. In fact, Master Zhang is not rich, but every time the woman’s request, he will put all sorts of things together to meet her. There are four people in WeChat and master Zhang to friends, respectively is Wang Yan’s father, bestie, peer, sister, in the chat, Zhang master as far as possible to show honest, generous, like a live person, occasionally mention the red thing, "a little)相关的主题文章:

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