The people involved in major crooks posing as police lied cheated woman 42 thousand yuan

By , November 13, 2017 11:51 pm

The people involved in major crooks posing as police lied cheated woman 42 thousand yuan crooks posing as police, lied people involved in criminal cases, ask the public to own the property to the so-called security account "". This is the old scam, but some people cheated. November 13th morning 9 am, Hubei City Public Security Bureau in Huangshi Ms. Zhang Bureau received a public alarm, said it cheated 42 thousand yuan. The 48 year old Ms. Zhang, who lives in Huangshi district. On the morning of 9 pm, Ms. Zhang received a claim to the insurance bureau telephone, said her health insurance card is abnormal, suspected of money laundering, public security organs have been involved in the investigation. Ms. Zhang heard panicked, then the "medical insurance bureau" to call to the Shanghai Putuo Public Security Bureau, the phone a man claiming to be police officers to Ms. Zhang Yang narrative case, and that she will be detained on suspicion of money laundering. Ms. Zhang suddenly spooked, busy explanation she hadn’t done anything illegal. Young police officer told Ms. Zhang, in order to prove innocence, Ms. Zhang will need money to be transferred to a safe account check. In this man’s request, Ms. Zhang went to the bank to open a new account, and according to each of the tips will be home all the money 42 thousand yuan to a new account. Until 20 pm, Ms. Zhang with phone new account balance, find your own bank card no money. At this time, Ms. Zhang realized cheated. Immediately west of seehorn police. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation of xisaiashan. For more information please pay attention to [Chu Huangshi] WeChat subscription number

骗子冒充警察谎称市民卷入大案 骗走女子4.2万元骗子冒充警察,谎称市民卷入了大案,要求市民将自己的财产转到所谓的“安全账户”。这是老骗局,然而又有人上当受骗。11月13日上午9时许,湖北黄石市公安局西塞山分局接到市民张女士报警,称其被骗4.2万元。张女士今年48岁,家住黄石西塞山区。当天上午9时许,张女士接到一个自称医保局电话,说她的医保卡有异常,涉嫌洗黑钱,公安机关已经介入调查。张女士一听慌了神,随后“医保局”把电话转接到了“上海普陀公安局”,电话里一个自称杨警官的男子向张女士叙说案情,并称她涉嫌洗黑钱将被拘留。张女士顿时吓得不轻,忙解释自己没干过违法的事。“杨警官”告诉张女士,为了证明清白,张女士需要将钱转入一个“安全账户”进行检查。在这名男子的要求下,张女士去工商银行新开一个账户,并根据对方的提示将家里所有的钱4.2万元都转到了新的账户上。等到晚上20时许,张女士用电话查询新账户余额时,发现自己银行卡里的钱都没有了。这时,张女士才意识到自己被骗。立即向西塞山警方报了警。目前,西塞山警方已经介入调查。更多资讯请关注【大楚黄石】微信订阅号相关的主题文章:

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