The Oriental Pearl Family Game Conference held to help the domestic game set sail-3edyy

By , April 16, 2018 7:38 pm

The Oriental Pearl Family Game Conference held to help the domestic game set sail in November 26th, sponsored by the Shanghai New Oriental Pearl OmniAd Media Incorporation Family Game Conference held in Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl with many excellent domestic game team founder and producer of coffee together, to explore the development trend of China’s domestic game market and opportunities for cooperation, a large family game industry market to build one hundred billion scale in china. In the afternoon, Beijing Dian Gao Ming, creative producer MAG interactive founder Zhang Hanrong, founder and executive producer of the bell free game, Luo Xiangyu COO, Hangzhou time machine Xiangyuan sun Ting, Kami Take thorn twilight CEO interactive founder Liu Bo, long live game CEO Yao pill at the scene, with the same industry elite to share game development experience. In addition, the conference also exposed more than ten outstanding family game masterpiece. The rise of a large number of outstanding domestic console games in 2014 lifted the game, many industry insiders believe that the domestic host game has missed the best period of development. However, there is a wave with feelings and optimistic about the future expectations of the game have been put into this industry, to bring new game player game experience, but also to a host of domestic game industry has brought new vitality. Beijing Chuangyi code producer Gao Ming attended the scene and brought to the development of a creative code produced by the 3D action adventure game "candle". Previously, this game has been awarded IndiePlay China independent game contest best game award, was selected as one of the best overseas media GameSpot 8 independent games. Gao Ming said in his speech, candle man is the main focus on the host and PC. In his view, the game first in the host platform, and then go to the mobile phone to the effect, much higher than the direct shot tour, and then transplanted to the host and PC. MAG interactive founder Zhang Hanrong introduced the domestic game "Hidden Dragon:" this game was, with the background of Tang Dynasty, in adventure, puzzle and other elements in a. As the MAG interactive first game, it uses Unreal Engine 4 to create, has a very outstanding performance in the battle system and screen performance. According to Zhang Hanrong introduction, "Hidden Dragon:" all is to "engraved classic action games", in addition to the innovation in the play, the plot also made a big breakthrough, the real-time rendering of animation, enhance the sense of immersion. Hangzhou thorn brought a host of domestic game game "Rune Guardian" and "the realm of no image". "Rune keeper" is based on a D& the D rules and the round of fighting the Palace of the Earth exploration game, is also a RPG card and introduces the elements of the Roguelike game, at the press conference, "Rune keeper" announced the upcoming landing host platform. "No place like" is a Metroidvania game, with Chinese Taoist alchemy and Su Lu’s myth, created a similar to the primitive religion and oriental legend with the view of the world, the game from Hangzhou’s black fire thorn Twilight studio, the Oriental Pearl issue, and will be on-line in the middle of next year. Long live game CEO Yao Yao pill points.相关的主题文章:

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