The old man for the sake of happiness is to work that daughter picking up stray sayu-02

By , November 19, 2017 5:51 pm

The old man for the sake of happiness that go to work is wandering daughter picking up original title: old work for the homeless woman lied to find father from the nursing home 62 year old father lied to go out to work, is actually picking up stray. November 14, 2016, Hebei County, Zhengzhou, Li Honghong, the daughter of the elderly, said the old man, the father is secretly from the nursing home to go, want to buy something to see him, the results of the nursing home, said he had to leave the". "On this condition, (if the father comes back) will certainly be able to raise."     Claus comment: @ Mi: star said in her daughter, oh ~ ~ may really not the daughter not keep it ~ ~ @ the son of fish _188: what is the condition of this condition? What is as unalterable principles to support their parents! Don’t marry a man! @Twitter: the reality is less than seventy years old in rural areas are on their own, or even lose their children. The old daughter reported earlier: sad! For the sake of her happiness, the old father lied to work in Zhengzhou wandering a wasteland, lived a 62 year old man. He alone raised her daughter married, with her daughter for a few days, but they petulancy. In order not to give her trouble, he had to go out to work, the actual street scavengers eat the leftovers hotel. He said, my daughter is good, I am happy. Old father has been sent back to Anyang do not want to disclose family contact   it is reported that after the video shoot, the old man was sent to Zhengzhou rescue station. A few days ago the old man was sent back to Anyang’s car. Aid station, said the old man did not want her daughter to know the truth, always do not disclose family contact. The old man is now in the culvert, had lived in a few days rescue station in October 27th, good people will be sent to the old man Zhengzhou rescue station. Rescue station said yesterday, five or six days ago he had been sent to the car home. However, the old man did not go home, but lived in a culvert. The old man told reporters yesterday: do not want to go back, it is not as free outside. Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章:

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