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By , April 15, 2018 12:20 pm

The old driver paralysis? Stay foolish Tiancai is adorable white Zhang Binbin Zhang Binbin stay adorable Zhang Binbin play high standard cold summer hot drama "subtly malicious smiled very little" recently has been the perfect ending, pretty exciting story let the fans. At the same time, the public is also soaring popularity, starring Redubujian, has held all the hot search and topic list, especially is known as the first major offensive KO Zhang Binbin, and play domineering and high cold paralysis subtly malicious style very different, in fact he is full of honey silly white sweet, the day before he passed a window full of live debut, fully proved their drama invincible adorable contrast. Compared with the old type KO God driver Zhang Binbin to stay calm calm, one adorable silly young white sweet style, absolutely lovely burst! In the face of netizens brain hole wide open, in addition to any collapse of the poker-faced nonsense, and a face by the circle, was friends all molested, a series of bashful charming little face, and occasionally broke the small gold sentence, every minute of your adorable girl heart! 1, net friend asked: can you explain the back door? A: on the back door, in fact, when I was walking back to play that relatives ah, stopping feeling, after you open the brain hole idea, I understand a little what is the back door. 2, the enthusiasm of users with gift scraper. Answer: why the middle of this rose has been here, you can get rid of it? This is a gift? Ah? Where is the gift for me? 3, friends: like dogs? What kind of dog do you like? A: I like dogs, but I don’t like single dogs! 4, users: four men you like that? Answer: well? (black mark face) 5, users with car scraper. A: wow! How Lamborghini came out! What the hell is this? Is it a present? Ah? Where did it go? Just the Lamborghini? Wow! Another car, it just opened in front of me, and then left? Wow! This is Ferrari! Wow! (Star eye) this is not to spend money ah? Forget it! Don’t spend money! I’m so glad you came! 6, net friend: This is the first live? How did you feel? Answer: This is my first live! I think it’s fun! (the landlord’s son faces) 7, friends: you seem silly white sweet oh! Answer: silly white sweet? You’re just stupid! 8, friends: show you two will be a foreign language, right? Answer: recently learned a Korean, is pabo, is your silly meaning! 9, net friend: why Ko so high cold words less? Answer: in fact, when playing KO, Ko line is too small, sometimes play heart is stuck, you think could add ah, said the director can not! You can only say "well", "Oh", just want to talk, can you understand? 10, net friend: cough so severe someone take care of you? What about your agent? May I be your agent? Answer: brokers do? (but smiled and shook his head) agent is not in the crew, she is very busy, do not know the broker is not looking at相关的主题文章:

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