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By , November 16, 2017 4:52 pm

The number of mainland tourists to Taiwan.   pineapple annual output value of 5 billion less salary cut Hotel layoffs – Taiwan channel — original title: the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan pineapple annual output value of 5 billion less sharply cut pineapple cakes is paid the hotel layoffs of mainland tourists to Taiwan almost have to buy the souvenir, but this year has declined performance into 2, Taiwan the relationship between frozen, the industry has become the most direct victims. (source: "the Taiwan times" Chinese) China Taiwan network August 25th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Taiwan. The association chairman Wu Guande said, elected leaders of the Taiwan region from the beginning of the year after Cai Yingwen, the reduction in the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan on the industry impact began. Pineapple cake 1 annual output of about 20 billion (NT, the same below), at present all fell into more than 2 stores in total, equivalent to 1 years reduced by 40 or 5 billion. Usually the souvenir are visitors from the stage in 1 days of purchase in the Taipei area, so the main affected area concentrated in the greater Taipei area. But the industry even if the development of European and American tourists is useless, because the American people do not love pineapple cakes, and not at this stage if Japan and South Korea passenger support, will fall more miserable. As for the remaining 35 hotel occupancy rate of the hotel industry, Taiwan Jhihben Spa Association chairman Huang Qingan said, in addition to Taipei and Kaohsiung two metropolitan area situation is acceptable, other areas have been reported on the "hotel employee policy optimization", speak bluntly that layoffs and unpaid leave. Overall, the land off less than three or four, which is now Taiwan before undertaking off land based hotel housing ratio mostly only 35, and usually the hotel housing rate is less than 50%, will lose money. The Taiwan authorities ignored the dilemma facing business operators feel loss of how to do? The industry said helplessly, the Taiwan authorities to recognize the "92 consensus" may be a bit difficult, but with the development of the New South Taiwan authorities, the source is not a short duration of time things, such as roads, the industry probably already dying. Huang Qingan said, the most helpless predicament of the hotel is the Taiwan authorities to ignore the attitude, even with poor physical fitness of the hotel took the opportunity to eliminate optimistic play mood, let many people feel quite. In fact, 1 days before the collapse of the travel agency, the hotel industry has received notice of the travel agency will be closed down, and bluntly, the money can only be said to be sorry, the hotel industry is angry and helpless. South huanbujiji stage industry can live happily and actively develop international travel and stabilize Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Macao tourists, however, because a few years ago, mainland tourists too many, many hotels have to rush to build on land off the main hotel in Chiayi, Nantou, New Taipei city. However, bought land, buildings, people do not come back, or the opening, we further divide enough small market price to the bloody, the new wave of closures is brewing in the hotel. Ignore the industry dilemma, Southward Policy slow, but also how to do? The industry said, can only live happily, each side. (Chinese Taiwan network (Lu Jiajing) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章:

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