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By , April 16, 2018 7:41 pm

The new car with half a tank after a fire gas station: doubt to detect new network – in a thick stack of time Zu produce coherent gas bills. Northeast network August 30th hearing a year after the new car plus a half box of oil began to keep the jitter, and then how can not hit the fire, and finally dragged to the 4S shop. A check engine is bad, this is Mr. Harbin people recently encountered a dilemma. The oil used in half the car really beat the fire of the ancestral lives in Nangang District of Harbin Xuefu Road, a year ago to buy a TOYOTA car to dazzle, so far only more than 10 thousand km run. "Back from the new car, my car has been home to the nearest gas station refueling stations, plus oil once a week, plus 100 yuan each time." Said Mr. took out a thick stack of time coherent gas bills. He said that more than a year has never been a problem, in the 20 he added half a box of oil, feel the car is obviously no effort, the start is still shaking badly, has been very busy mr.. 23, when the oil used in half, the car hit the fire on the whole, how can not start. Mr. 4S call the shop phone, a trailer to drag his car in the Pioneer Road Guangzhou TOYOTA Harbin Longsheng pioneer store. 4S shop problem: fuel damage to the engine Zu car is still in three years period, improper driving non artificial damage, 4S shop is responsible for the free replacement parts. But when the inspection results came out, Mr. dumbfounded. In 26, issued by the display Longsheng pioneer store inspection report, the vehicle abnormal combustion products, lead to valve return anomalies caused by the valve rocker arm off. The staff here told him that the fuel is damaged and the engine is damaged, in which case the 4S store does not assume any responsibility. Then recall the abnormal reaction of the vehicle, mr.. He brought his own experience to the circle of friends, and he lived in a small number of owners also encountered in the gas station after the car shaking. Ms. Yu said, on the second day Mr. refueling, she was in the car with the oil, shaking badly, she went for a gas station to fill the oil, shake it. To a number of departments complaints 28, Mr. with 4S shop inspection results to discuss that gas station, the Chen Jiang manager said, 4S shop said fuel is not a problem with its own oil are into the formal channels, there is no problem, don’t believe yourself can be detected. 29, 2009, Mr. Cheng went to the Consumer Association complaints, Consumers Association said that the quality of the vehicle and fuel related issues they did not qualify. Mr. progenitor to Harbin quality inspection departments complaints, a staff member received him and registered his situation. As of press time ago, gas station staff to contact Mr. to consult him and how much does it cost to repair problems. Mr. Zu said that the new year’s engine is so wasted, 4S shop has made it clear that the engine has been repaired they will no longer guarantee. And a new engine needs at least 30 thousand yuan. In the end? His own heart is not the spectrum. (Luo Yankun)相关的主题文章:

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