The national day’s crazy fist boot mysterious large coffee show beauty – join

By , April 10, 2018 8:45 pm

The national day’s "crazy fist" boot mysterious large coffee show beauty – join Beijing posters in new network on 28 September, the reporter was informed that in Guangxi on the Beihai film "Crazy" fist before. This is a movie of action and crime. Tell a story about a hot blooded city. Several protagonists after boxing, struggle, crime against the chaebol, win the love life, change the attitude towards life and the pursuit of. This is China’s first muscle action movie, as the protagonist of the film, national day, Liu Chengjun, Wang Wei, actor all have super perfect muscle." Director and starring one of the national day, the introduction of the film "crazy fist" to say. As one of the "Crazy" fist planner, executive producer, director and star of the national day, graduated from Beijing Film Academy, he taught in the school since September 2001. Has produced, starred in a number of outstanding film and television works. National Day, said, crazy fist is a crazy movie, in order to achieve the dream of twenty years, to do a very good preparation. Showing a real fight in the film, different from the traditional martial arts routine China, truly well-matched in strength between the two men, sincere to the meat of the feeling. In addition to the national day, "Crazy" fist and Liu Chengjun and Wang Wei two top fitness coffee franchise. In the competition value of the small meat Yan era, "crazy fists" can be said to be a male actor overall the lowest fat content and muscle was the highest, the largest bust metrosexual man crew. The "crazy fist" lineup is strong, the actors from the United States, the United States, Thailand, three countries, the German team to join the production team. The production side, as the total producer, said the national day, in addition to production team in the United States, Thailand, in the visual effects design part, was "the Hunger Games", "cloud" and "Kung Fu" Jackie Chan large Yoga service company in germany. In addition, the movie crazy fist invited to the famous Hongkong photography guide Huang Yongheng join. The cooperation with the director of the national day of the country’s first muscle action movie, Huang Yongheng expressed the hope that there will be a new breakthrough, to bring the audience a different viewing experience. Actors, known as the Thailand anglebaby 90 actress Ging Areeya also joined the crazy fist among them. Producer Yang Yi revealed that a world-class mysterious large coffee will also join the "crazy fist", has an important role to play in the movie. Has signed a contract, the specific shooting time has not been finalized in china.相关的主题文章:

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