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The Municipal Department official hospitality declined hospitality guests who indicate Beijing three – second reading books of Beijing funded newspaper news (reporter Li Zewei) the municipal departments of public funds, official reception fees generally decline, a decline of 98% units, after the cut, a single bit official reception fee is only 12 yuan per capita, Tiananmen area the number of units without official hospitality. In addition, each unit of the official reception fee also indicate the reception of foreign delegations. 7 units of official hospitality budget completely cut off the Department announced the official reception fee issues in more detail, the reception batch number, receiving group are listed, many units also specifically noted foreign passengers and group reception. Such as the office of the Municipal People’s Congress, the official reception fee of 698 thousand and 100 yuan, mainly for the airport lounge rental fees, meals and specify the reception inside and outside the thing. Official reception 152 batches, official reception of 2849 passengers. The Chinese delegation, including reception in Europe Japan Tokyo parliamentary delegation, Argentina Buenos Aires City Council Delegation, Mongolia Ulan Bator parliamentary delegation, South Korea Seoul City Council Delegation of foreign affairs delegation. Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate official reception fee 302 thousand and 100 yuan, official reception of the 1154 batches, official reception of 6259 people, including foreign guests reception of the 10 batches, the number of passengers. The 2015 official reception expenses and budget accounts for the number of comparison can be found, a number of units of the official reception fee fell significantly, for example, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce official reception fee in 2015 was 1 thousand and 100 yuan, 94 thousand yuan less than the beginning of 2015 budget number 95 thousand and 100 yuan, a decrease of 98.84%; the City Federation of industry and commerce, the official reception fee of 1 thousand and 300 yuan, 46 thousand and 500 yuan less than the beginning of the year 2015 budget number 47 thousand and 800 yuan, a decrease of 97.28%, belong to a large decline in the unit. Tiananmen District Administrative Committee official hospitality budget of 135 thousand yuan, but did not spend the whole year, the expenditure fell by up to 100%, equivalent to completely cut. Municipal government Counselors’Office, rural construction office, West Area Management Committee, Beijing state owned assets supervision and administration office culture, Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps, Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center is the case, the 7 units have a budget, but no spending. 12 units without official reception fee has been strictly controlled, the number of official reception fee of a large number of units, such as the City Federation of trade unions in 2015 official reception fee of only $1 thousand, official reception of 13 passengers. Beijing counterpart support and economic cooperation leading group office official reception fee 4 thousand yuan, official reception of 152 passengers, only $26 per capita. Tiananmen Area Management Committee, West CMC and other 12 units, no official reception fee. In addition, the unit also has higher spending, such as the high court official reception fee of 995 thousand and 500 yuan, mainly for major cases during the hearing related reception, reception and other legal aid personnel, 894 batches of domestic official reception, official 6相关的主题文章:

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