The most short-lived! Shanghai Michelin restaurant was rated 1 days of business involving unlicensed

By , November 19, 2017 1:06 am

The most short-lived! Shanghai Michelin restaurant was rated 1 days of business involving unlicensed restaurants offer some dishes with Michelin in 2017 21 released a guide to Shanghai, the selected Shanghai restaurant diners became the object of pursuit. However, there is a named "Michelin Star Restaurant" is an exception, is located in Tai’an road 113, the "Tai’an" restaurant was exposed by the media on the night was suspected of operating without a license, closed the door, become the most short-lived in the history of the Michelin restaurant. It is understood that the Tai’an gate is quite mysterious, and the fee is not cheap, currently providing 14 dishes per charge of $1288, and 10 dishes each charge $two file selection. Do not accept telephone booking, reservation only through the official website, up to 30 days in advance booking. This is not a restaurant opened all day, only every Tuesday to Saturday night open, the first start meal time is 18, the latest start time is 20:30. No business license on the 22 day morning news site visits to the restaurant, according to the 23 reported that when asked the restaurant has no business license, the restaurant manager said they are applying for business license, the business sector has not approved. "But we do have a food license." So why hasn’t the business license been approved yet? Does not involve unlicensed operation? In the face of the reporter’s question, the manager to we have been a private place, explained to reporters on the grounds, then the reporter please out of the door, and told reporters that the relevant person will contact. After the Shanghai enterprise information publicity system query found, respectively, according to the Tai’an gate in English and Chinese business address to find, have not found the relevant registration information. The business sector said that the enterprise name and registered according to the provisions can be inconsistencies, to check the accuracy of the information, to provide enterprises registered in the name of the enterprise. But if the enterprise has not registered in the business sector, then it can not find. Food and beverage service in Shanghai city food safety level query, in the name of the shop recruit column in English and Chinese query Tai’an door, there is no relevant data, the address of its Tai’an road to query no results. According to the relevant provisions of a normal business of the restaurant, not only to obtain the business sector business license, more importantly, to get food and Drug Administration Department of food business license. According to the Xinmin Evening News reported that 11 points late last night, there are users post said, the night to Tai’an door dining, but was told that the equipment failure, unable to provide services. At 7 o’clock in the evening, a number of residents around the restaurant door, the scene and police officers and suspected law enforcement officers. Until the diners have left, the restaurant has not resumed operations. The article also said that the restaurant boss to foreign diners explained, "the landlord can be guaranteed to open a restaurant, and the relevant license, but the results are now unable to handle, the boss has decided to move away from the restaurant. It is understood that this restaurant was indeed many residents complain the license is not complete, the regulatory authority has ordered to immediately stop operating. Changning District Market Authority said that the previous paragraph 7相关的主题文章:

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