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By , November 16, 2017 5:52 pm

The maximum net decryption YouTube Red: millionaires, game fans and dropout [editor’s note] technology Tencent YouTube PewDiePie recently launched a well-known anchor to himself as the protagonist of the game "PewDiePie:Legend of the Brofist", and achieved good performance. PewDiePie is one of the most popular anchor in the United States, the number of fans has 40 million. In 2015, he earned $12 million. "Rolling stone" magazine recently published an article, the legendary history of PewDiePie. The following is the full text: on a recent Thursday afternoon, 1500 young people gathered in Manhattan Barnes door, wanted to look at the 26 year old Felix · Kolberg (Felix Kjellberg). You may not have heard of his name, but he is the famous red YouTube on PewDiePie. A 21 year old blonde girl told me that she had been driving from Texas for about an hour and arrived in New York at about 4 a.m.. This is nothing, an older woman said she and her nephew came from Peru. At the front of the line is a 16 year old grace · frana stem (Shane Flanagan). He took a bus from New Jersey to New York the night before and spent a night under a parasol. He said: "I know, this is his only meeting on the East coast. I don’t know how many people will come." Kolberg’s trip is to promote his new book, "the book love you". This is a Book of humorous speech collection, published on the New York Times’s best-selling paperback books for young people "list. However, the fans are not just because of Kolberg’s enthusiasm and intelligence. Kolberg’s job is playing video games. There are 40 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, the national population more than canada. In front of the computer screen, fans will watch Kolberg manipulate characters to fight zombies, trap dinosaurs, and run around the world to find props. In September last year, his channel became the first channel to watch more than 10 billion YouTube. According to Forbes, he made $12 million last year. In many ways, he is one of the biggest web sites on the internet. In the store, the fans chanted "PewDiePie from time to time! PewDiePie!" Voice over even the best buy clerk. Kolberg is a gift, such as candy, portraits, and some plush toys, the shop Neisaide brim. The signings rule per person can only take a photo, and does not allow self. Even so, it is estimated that the event will take more than 4 hours to complete. A best buy employee said she last saw this event or in the former US Vice President Gore on 2002 activities. All this shows that Kolberg’s appeal is not just a game. He made all kinds of content to attract fans. He will read!相关的主题文章:

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