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By , November 17, 2017 12:22 am

The man suddenly fainted the bus is a double flash more than 40 passengers escort doctor – Beijing life newspaper news October 14th 12 19 am, in Harbin east straight street, a bus 6 bus open double flash, throttle roar, galloped all the way into the Harbin Medical University hospital emergency room door, front and rear doors at the same time open, the driver and passengers together to help medical staff, will be a five man carried into the hospital. This is a car from Kazakhstan to Hadong bus station, which is a relief, the driver and passengers together to save the lives of patients from 120 patients to send to the hospital with only 8 minutes. According to Harbin 6 bus driver Zhao Xiaohui, 12, 19, from Kazakhstan Kazakhstan to the station he was driving the number 8163 car, just start up more than and 40. "A man wearing a gray jacket, a more than and 50 year old man two parcels from Kazakhstan climbed in the car on the right side of the middle, when he got up I felt his face is not good, but the person on the car too much, I did not care too much." 19 when about 07 minutes, the car did not go to the Museum Station, Zhao Master heard passengers shouting someone fell on the ground. I hurried to turn to the side, after a parked car, found the man didn’t look good from the seat slide to the ground, his face became gray. At this time, some passengers may be a heart attack, should hit 120. Taking into account at that time is the peak of the evening, 120 was estimated to be a while, for fear of delay to save, I and some passengers suggested that the first patient to the hospital, and then go." "We Harbin people are enthusiastic, proposed to get the whole car more than 40 passengers agree." Master Zhao open the double flash, hard on the throttle, galloped away to the Harbin Medical University hospital emergency department, but at 19:15. Reporter learned from the Harbin Medical University Hospital Emergency Department learned that, 12, about 19:15, they had a reception by bus from sudden coma patients. When a patient is in cardiac arrest, loss of consciousness, the situation is very critical, the emergency department doctor Yin more than 10 medical staff after 1 hours of rescue, patients finally restored the heartbeat, but consciousness has not been restored, was sent to ICU. However, due to the condition of the patient is critically ill, the night and multiple ventricular fibrillation, although the rescue but failed to save life. According to the bus 6 road team captain Tan introduced, the evening of 12, the driver told him about the matter, the team to support the rescue behavior, although not able to save the success, but still appreciate the enthusiasm of the whole car passengers. It is understood that this male patient 61 years old, the family is founder, the name of the hospital registration for Zhang Fengqi (transliteration), as of press time reporter, there are no relatives to the hospital to deal with related matters. (Jiang Hui Huoying)相关的主题文章:

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