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By , April 10, 2018 10:48 am

The man mistakenly trigeminal neuralgia when four teeth pulled the wrong tooth original title: trigeminal neuralgia mistake when man pulled four teeth toothache wronged Chu Tianjin news gold report (reporter Hu Caili correspondent Chen Mengyuan, Wang Siyi) four teeth out, just know his pain more than harm culprit teeth but not the trigeminal nerve, Mr. Li Wuhan both glad out the true cause, four teeth and regret being "wronged". Nearly a year ago, 50 year old Lee always inexplicable toothache, sleepless nights. Intolerable, he went to the dentist tooth. After unplugging, toothache can ease. But a month later, another tooth ached, and Mr. Lee went to the tooth. In recent years, Li Xiansheng has pulled 4 teeth, but still no good toothache. Half a month ago, Mr. Li stumbled and their symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia is somewhat similar to Wuhan pu’ai Hospital of Gutian road three hospital neurology clinic. A check, Mr. Lee was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, lasting more than a year of "toothache" are actually the trigeminal nerve in trouble. According to the Department of Neurology, director Shen Wei introduced that the trigeminal neuralgia is due to abnormal discharge of trigeminal nerve caused an intense paroxysmal pain, the onset of incentives may only be talking, chewing, brushing and washing face movements or touch a facial region, these sensitive areas called "trigger point". Once the switch, patients will feel pain like a knife or a fire. Because of the pain from the alveolar often began, easily confused with toothache. Editor: Li Tianyi

男子误将三叉神经痛当牙痛错拔四颗牙齿   原标题:三叉神经痛误当牙痛男子冤枉拔了四颗牙   楚天金报讯 金报讯(记者胡彩丽 通讯员陈梦圆、王思夷) 拔掉四颗牙,才知道害自己牙疼不止的罪魁祸首不是牙齿而是三叉神经,武汉的李先生既庆幸找出了真正病因,又惋惜自己被“冤枉”的四颗牙齿。   近一年多来,50岁的李先生总是反复莫名牙疼,寝食难安。实在难以忍受,他就到牙科诊所拔牙。拔完之后,牙痛有了缓解。可一个月后,另外的牙齿又疼了起来,于是李先生又去拔牙。近一年时间,李先生先后拔掉4颗牙齿,可牙疼还是没好。   半个月前,李先生偶然发现自己的症状与三叉神经痛有些类似,便到武汉市普爱医院古田三路院区神经内科就诊。一检查,李先生果然被确诊为三叉神经痛,持续一年多的“牙疼”其实都是三叉神经在作怪。   据神经内科沈伟主任介绍,三叉神经痛是由于面部三叉神经不正常放电引起一种阵发性剧烈疼痛,发作的诱因可能仅是说话、咀嚼、刷牙和洗脸等面部随意运动或触摸面部某一区域,这些敏感区域被称为“扳机点”。一旦扳动开关,患者就会感到刀割或者火烧一样的疼痛。由于疼痛经常从牙槽开始,容易与牙疼弄混。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章:

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