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By , April 19, 2018 3:10 am

Is president Mapeter tribal children life] [Abstract education turnover has said, willing to stay in the village engaged in basic education, because of their education in Bunun identity during the period of the Han ethnic group in all sorts of inferiority and humiliation, to feel back to the tribe to help people. Author: Chen Nianxuan (Tencent · columnist, well-known writer in Taiwan), "what do you want to be when you grow up?" "Admitted to the University, engaged in educational work, returned to the tribe to help principals Education Village people." Study medicine, you can come back to treat the people." "Learn the law, then we will not be deceived." Really? How many people come out of the mountains of the tribe and willingly come back? Like the Bunun born Mapeter like principal, engaged in educational work for thirty years, no regrets? What kind of values, people can willingly return to help the people? The children in the mountains, from two to six, in the choir, first left the tribe saw the sea, go through the mistress from Kinmen to Xiamen for the first time, and then take a plane to Shanghai, opened in Taiwan Expo Hall concert. The arrangement of this route is to let the children both on board and on the plane, one way two experience. This journey, 50 children and 30 volunteers, to the satisfaction of all without any accidents to go forward with great strength and vigour, along the way, the children are very well behaved to cherish the rare journey, during the performance, so regular homework, they more than half from the Bunun Tribe, also have other minorities even half of Han mixed, as long as it is in Xinyi Township, regardless of ethnic group can participate in the original chorus. The original sound of the choir and the children go to the United States of Losangeles, San Francisco and Tokyo in Japan, last year to the European tour in July this year, from the eastern and southern West to the city of seven, very full, even temporary seats must be increased. Many of the audience have wiped tears, said: for a long time did not hear such a pure voice, too beautiful! It’s hard to believe that there’s such a clean voice in the world." When the children came into the hospital at the premiere, and even the police, people were singing condolences to walk in, regardless of whether they understand the lyrics, have surprised blooming gentle smile, immediately ask, this group of children from Taiwan. Chorus in the show "teacher! After you retire, whatever we do, we will follow you and contribute." A large number of successful students said behind in the end. The two founding middle school gifted teacher, a cross and LANWAN, give up their own names, accept the Bunun elder named, joined at the foot of Yushan Xinyi Township Bunun Tribe dogged by bad luck, they said: "the Chinese are too bad to make up for our sin." Every mountain heard honest about how indigenous people were cheated of land and labor, two retired teacher Bingache: "their IQ is not lower than the Han, but the lack of resources, we should put down the mountain educational resources moved to see who is more clever." Taiwan original sound education association was founded eight years ago, the original sound of the choir, Shanghai, San Francisco, the expedition to Xiamen, Losangeles, Vienna, Prague, the song from all sides, and relates to Chinese language Bunun, Amis, Hakka, English, German, Zulu, wherever you go, and the local exchange.相关的主题文章:

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