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By , November 16, 2017 5:52 pm

League of heroes in the 2017 season look forward: single and double ranking back – the original title of the people’s game: the League of heroes in the season ahead of the 2017: a single double qualifying back! "The League of heroes" S6 world finals are in hot, and the new season is coming, what are the changes in the new season? Today, listen to what the producers say. The following is the official announcement: New001 and ScuttleChris – the chief producer of the League of heroes – we’re back. Almost 1 months ago, we realized that the dynamic queue did not meet the requirements of the majority of players, so we announced a series of changes in the qualifying system. Today to talk about what we are going to do for the upcoming 2017 season. Here’s the big news: single and double back. Do you remember the qualifying system for the 2015 season, the new system and the. You can make your own gold or higher (or higher) with your trusted friend. The biggest difference is that you can choose 2 of their favorite position, plus their worst position in the right to veto (in the case of automatic fill or self fill). Dan king is still only a single row. Flexible group queue queue queue flexible group allows up to five rows? Like the 2016 dynamic queue queue? In the game player who will be at the end of the season will receive special awards (the role of frame has the additional mark). If you want to have a team of intense game, then the queue is non flexible group. Or you are just a good team environment to pursue a single row of players, but flexible queue can meet your needs. Five people will be tied together into the queue, will be on-line in July 24th. The single row and flexible group queue reached gold Dan game player will end a special additional unlock rewards in the season. Our course has been concerned about the changes in the ranking of players this year, we would like to "in the end what changed?". For months, we have been trying to suppress the re opening of single row in dynamic queue based on impulse, but we think that two kinds of queues are not healthy. We also improved by dynamic queue let those unable to feel it to change mind – game player precisely, are those who hate and open the black team against the game player (or those who think the team opened the black destroyed the fairness of the qualifying game player). However, in the past 2016 seasons, we have developed a dynamic queue matching system and design, so that we have the confidence to support the support of the two queue mode. So now we’re going to try. In the final analysis, flexible group queue and double row irreconcilable contradiction based on the rules of the team opened the black. We want to make full use of their differences to attract more different types of players for the two queue models. For example, on some level, single row will certainly get more rewards: – "single row dominance" in the game in the game player, will)相关的主题文章:

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