The International Symposium on PPP reform in China was successfully held at the World Bank

By , November 18, 2017 2:15 am

"PPP China reform in the" International Symposium on World Bank held successfully – International – Washington 7 October Xinhua (reporter Wang Rujun) in October 7th, the world bank in 2016 during the annual meeting of the Ministry of finance, government and social capital cooperation center (PPP Center) held jointly with the world bank’s "PPP reform in China international the seminar was successfully held in washington. Vice Minister of finance Shi Yaobin, vice president of the world bank Laura Tuck attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Jiao Xiaoping, director of the PPP center of the Ministry of finance made a keynote speech. From foreign governments, the world bank and other international institutions, the Ministry of finance of the province, the international and domestic enterprises and other representatives of the hundreds of people attended the seminar. Vice Minister Shi Yaobin in his speech, a comprehensive introduction to the achievements of China’s PPP development, pointed out that China’s promotion of the three characteristics of PPP, that is, a high starting point, re innovation, strong foundation. High starting point, is in the top level system design PPP reform in our country, make full use of PPP market in developed countries and good practice; innovation is the implementation of demonstration projects, guide strategy, encourage green low-carbon and social class PPP project; strong base, PPP is the establishment of specialized management agencies and the national PPP comprehensive information platform, promote information disclosure. On the government, social capital, financial institutions, third party advisory bodies and other different subjects in the industry, the level of special training. Use WeChat public numbers, websites and other channels to carry out extensive publicity. He also announced at the meeting, the Ministry of Finance official website of PPP English Edition (World Bank Vice President Laura Tuck said, Chinese in infrastructure PPP is the global leader, aiming at the international good practice, a very good policy framework, the world bank is willing to help Chinese capacity-building, improve project preparation, the ability and quality, to manage the transaction risk in PPP project. If the PPP project is well designed and sustainable, it can meet the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. China has a good practice in this area, is a good example. Jiao Xiaoping, director of the detailed introduction of the background of the reform of China’s PPP, new content and the latest developments. He pointed out that after three years of development, China’s PPP reform to break the monopoly, the release of vitality previews. This is due to our country in the international experience on the basis of national conditions, focusing on strengthening the standardization and transparency of PPP, and the PPP market has been effectively expanded. In China, PPP has been the reform consensus formation, PPP reform will become China’s development path, explore new development model, to create an important starting point for economic development of the new engine. China will become the world’s largest regional PPP market. Followed by two guest dialogue. The theme of the first guest dialogue is "the practice of PPP in china". Guests included the deputy director, Hunan Department of finance Liu Wenjie Inner Mongolia finance department package brilliant deputy inspector, Hebei Provincial Department of finance, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins University Alan Jin Hai by Professor Trager PPP and senior director of action project economic experts and the world bank Binyam Reja. Liu Wenjie, deputy director of the lake)相关的主题文章:

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