The illegal acquisition of bear Sika was sentenced to probation

By , November 16, 2017 4:52 pm

The illegal acquisition of bear Sika was sentenced to probation for original title: illegal acquisition of bear villagers were sentenced to three slow three villagers in Dayi kongmou bought 5 paws, 2 pieces of sika, freezer stored in the house, the police after being found. After identification, bear paws, Sika value totaling 70 thousand yuan. Recently, the Dayi court sentenced an illegal acquisition of precious and endangered wildlife products and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years and fined $10 thousand. Last February, the 60 year old kongmou from Shuangliu County white town, a rare business department bought sika. In 2015 5, June, kongmou in Aba Prefecture, spent 11 thousand yuan to buy a black bear, 2 bear meat, 5 bear paws. Kongmou these sika and bear, bear meat, frozen paws in home freezers in Dayi county. Last November 6th, 10 pm, police check on "gutter village medical station", the scene seized 3 freezers, all kinds of animal body a total of 65 copies, of which 13 suspected black residues, residues of 2 suspected deer. After identification, the detained suspected black residue system of Asiatic black bears, belonging to the two national key protected wild animal, the value of 40 thousand yuan; the detained suspected deer remnant system deer, wild animal belonging to the national level of protection, the value of 30 thousand yuan. Dayi procuratorate accused the formation of illegal acquisition of rare and endangered wildlife products. In court, kongmou himself to buy plum venison and other animal residues is their food, their behavior does not constitute a crime. But the court held that the illegal acquisition of rare and endangered wild animal products is the crime in order to protect the rare and endangered wild animal species, as long as the purchase behavior, regardless of the purpose of the acquisition is a non-profit or for personal use, will not affect the qualitative. Dayi court found that kongmou violation of wild animal protection laws and regulations, in the absence of management and utilization of wild animal products under the condition of legal qualification, the acquisition of national key protected rare and endangered wild animal products, worth a total of more than 7 yuan, their behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute illegal acquisition of rare and endangered wild animal products crime, shall the punishment, then made the above decision. Dayi Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Yingzhan source: Chengdu daily editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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