The homeless woman occupies 100 square meters of green belt up sanshiyiting

By , November 21, 2017 12:24 am

The homeless woman occupies 100 square meters of green belt up Sanshiyiting ^ in the green belt, put up a homeless woman Sanshiyiting, quilt cook live. In the Hot Springs Road up river, a green belt in the north near the railing, a 49 year old woman Lee is peeling apples to eat. In the green belt, she took a place about more than and 100 square meters, with the rubbish put up the house, she called it "sanshiyiting". The night of October 31st, the rescue station staff to send her to find a circle near the quilt, did not see her shadow. "Two years ago there who don’t know why she was here for – picking up trash, she almost burned inside. Now she is very nervous, sometimes come back late at night." Rescue station staff said. The tramp is sorting things. 1, the reporter saw, because picked up many things, Li Mouzhen put the green belt as a "home" to the layout, sleeping place nets covered outside hung two calendar. Cooking places there are also several bowls and picked up the doll. There is a "room", but also placed a sofa. Lee wearing several layers of clothes, his feet are also wearing a pair of shoes to pick up the Nike. "The man looked ill, sometimes at night pronouncing the mouth on scary. We don’t dare to get out of here at night. Originally by the side of the river, in the summer of love to take a step, but this place has been no one dare to go." Residents living in the vicinity of Ms. Zhou said. "She picked up the doll neatly placed in what things, sometimes at night in the past, the flashlight on a jump, can be terrifying." Living in the vicinity of the public Zhang said. On the other side of the road is the homeless woman’s "kitchen", but also by a bike. Sanyou community staff, the homeless woman, they are helpless. She is in the green belt for more than five years, sometimes the community put away her, clearing things away, but 35 days she was able to pile up a lot. Community clean-up has been a lot of times, but basically no effect. It is understood that the woman is Taishan province Zhuang people, the reporter contacted her domicile village. She was also a headache to the village committee staff. The staff, the woman had intermittent mental illness, there is a house. Every time her back at home for two days, she will choose in one night and then back to the city secretly. "Our village to cotton quilts, sometimes give money, but she was not."相关的主题文章:

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