The founder of angellist on Silicon Valley Chinese capital influx of trickling streams can also sink

By , November 15, 2017 10:19 pm

The founder of AngelList on Silicon Valley: China influx of capital can be merged into the stream of ocean science and technology Sohu AngelList is a start-up company linked to early investors online platform, since its inception in 2010 has achieved rapid development, at the same time, the company is also becoming more and more ambitious. AngelList claims to be the world’s largest seed stage investment platform and the world’s largest platform for entrepreneurial talent – in fact, it is now also want to become the world’s largest venture capital fund. Earlier this week, AngelList in Jackson square in San Francisco (Jackson Square) of the new and magnificent three storey office building, we interviewed co-founder AngelList Ravi Kanter of Navarre · (Naval Ravikant). The office building renovation continues, the workers will be a block of wood floor on the first floor on the ground, at the same time, Ravi Kanter gave us a brief description of the many stories of what happened to AngelList’s. We will have a more in-depth discussion of the overall vision of AngelList that he will elaborate on tomorrow. Today, we will publish part of the interview, and mainly concerned with the maximum power to promote the current AngelList development: CSM (CSC Group, one of the largest private equity fund Chinese) announced on AngelList invested $400 million in the 10 months ago. "Wall Street journal" reported that this is the largest investment fund dedicated to the early start-up companies. Ravi Kanter talked about the change in the relationship in the interview, and said he believes that investment in China Merchants AngelList and even Silicon Valley is just the tip of the iceberg. Due to space limitations, the interview content has been deleted. TC: let’s get started. Who is currently in the management of China Merchants Investment $400 million? Ravi Kanter: This is called a "CSC Upshot" of the fund, currently consists of three common management, namely investment in the division of Wu Bi? (Veronica Wu), she was vice president of Tesla in Beijing; Ye Ming (Ming Yeh), the past six years he has served as director of the Shanghai branch of the Bank of Silicon Valley the general manager; and Tom · Cole (Tom Cole), he was a partner in the Ventures Trinity. TC: so far, how much did they invest in startups on the AngelList platform? Ravi Kanter: this year, their investment is expected to reach $25 million to $40 million, the average size of each investment transaction is $100 thousand. TC: that’s a pretty good investment rate. How does the whole decision-making process operate? Ravi Kanter: we created a dashboard for fund managers, so that I相关的主题文章:

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