The first class training hall China skating team to prepare for the China cup-homefront

By , April 18, 2018 11:50 pm

The first class training hall China skating team to prepare for the China cup pairs Wang Xuehan Wang Lei and two weeks, 2016 Audi China cup world figure skating Grand Prix races will pull the curtain, which is fixed annually held in the highest level Chinese figure skating event. Yesterday, the media will participate in the open class, China cup Yan, Shannon Lee, Yu Xiaoyu, Zhang Hao, Peng Yang, Wang Xuehan Chengjin Wang Lei in Beijing, the players are showing a positive state of readiness, the first training hall is very lively! Single group training, will usher in the first international match in adult young Shannon Lee first appearance. To try the new hair coincides with the effect of Shannon Lee on training is pretty free skating costume, coach Zhang Xin also personally guide on ice. After the warm-up time, Shannon Lee was set free Halcrow, the state is quite good. Shannon Lee told reporters: "this year’s short program is" Ge Pei Leah ", the free skate is" Princess Mononoke ", with the September National Grand Prix compared to the China cup meeting the new difficulty, in three point three." Shannon Lee in yesterday’s training and practicing a plurality of flip Toeloop three week three weeks even jump, completion are also good. Coach Zhang Xin also expressed the affirmation to the pragmatic hard girl, "into the national team in the first half of this year our progress is relatively large, because want to prepare for the China cup, we are also under a lot of effort, whether on land or ice every day to practice a lot. Our first time to join the international adult game, we hope she can play their own level in the game, reflect the young athletes fearless spirit, not what the rigid performance requirements." The end of the men’s singles champion Canada race China Yan returned to Beijing on Tuesday, a handsome black ice on a national team, it attracted the attention of reporters who. Yan Han mainly carried out the pace and rotation of the practice, did not jump training. Speaking of just over the Canadian station race, Yan Han said: after the game is still a little nervous, want to play well, I would like to think a little more, in fact, the training can also be. China cup for their own things to play, do not consider too many problems." As we are more concerned about race suits, Han Yan said: "will re do the free skating dress is my own design, but I also do not think it will be so ugly (laughs), I will do two sets of China Cup before the two are not suitable for me, I was more suitable for the simple." When Yan training, has just announced the pregnancy news Pang Qing also appeared in the edge of the rink, when reporters have voted to surprise that the mother to battle, Pang Qing said he is come around. Yan Han is currently in charge of the coach Li Mingzhu will return to the home with him to prepare for the Chinese cup. Compared to the single group, the training of the two groups to be a lot of fun. The ice, including the upcoming Chinese cup Yu Xiaoyu Zhang Hao, Peng Chengjin young, Wang Xuehan Wang Lei, the six players are training Sui Wenjing Han Cong, and two of the youth group young, in be in full swing training)相关的主题文章:

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