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"The film industry promotion law" implemented in March next year to simplify the approval specification Yide – Sohu entertainment National People’s Congress voted through the "film industry promotion law", the State Press and Publication Administration of Legal Policy Division, the film bureau responsible for the relevant circumstances that Sohu entertainment according to network news, the morning of November 7th, the twenty-fourth National People’s Congress meeting with 146 votes in favor, 1 votes against and 8 abstentions vote, "the film industry promotion law". It is understood that the "film industry promotion law" will be implemented in March 1st next year, at the same time, the implementation of the film management regulations will be based on the film industry promotion act to further revise and improve. Deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration Yan Xiaohong pointed out that on the morning of 7 conference, decentralization, activate the vitality of the market is an important direction to promote the film industry reform. The film industry through the development of "Promotion Law" to carry out the practice of reform initiatives have been written into the law, for example, reduce the approval of the project and reduce barriers to entry, "film industry promotion law" no new administrative examination and approval, and also canceled the film studio approval, film production license approval (single) the administrative approval of the project, which is to cancel and reduce the approval of the project. In the standard development of the film industry and the market order, "the film industry promotion law" mainly made provisions from the four aspects of the specification: one is the national film market in order to guide the formation of a unified and open and fair competition in the film market. The movie is two departments to strengthen the daily supervision and management of film creation, production, distribution and screening activities, innovation management, clear social complaint system to handle the illegal behavior and the establishment of social credit archives system, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and interests of consumers and the movie. Three is the film industry organizations to develop self-discipline norms, business communication and vocational skills certification, strengthen professional ethics education, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members. Four is the legal responsibility for the destruction of the market order to develop severe punishment measures. In the field of film in order to promote the prosperity of literary and artistic creation, artistic innovation, "film industry promotion law" from four aspects: one is to make the rules guiding ideology and principles of creating clear film activities. "The film industry promotion law" stipulates that in the movie, should insist on serving the people and socialism, insist on giving priority to social benefits, social benefits and economic benefits of the unity; to adhere to the people-centered creative oriented, adhere to the principle of a hundred schools of thought contend, All flowers bloom together., respect and protect the freedom of creating movies advocate of film creation people close to reality, life and the masses. Two is the movie itself, "the film industry promotion law" clearly encourage the creation of ideological, artistic, ornamental unification of excellent films, support the dissemination of China’s outstanding culture, promote the socialist core value of the major theme movie, to promote the healthy growth of minors movie show, art innovation, promote the progress of movie art and to promote the scientific development of education and the popularization of science and technology, and give awards to the outstanding film. Three is to promote the film industry相关的主题文章:

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