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By , July 24, 2018 1:16 pm

UnCategorized If you intend to cycle then choosing the right accessories is essential. Amongst others you will need a good lock, clothing, shoes, lights and a bag. Selecting the correct lock is crucial. If you bike is shiny and new then it will be a target for thieves. Get a good lock to help prevent this. Bikes will be stolen, your goal is to make you bike less appealing than those that surround it. To do this you should not only spend around 50 pounds on a decent D-lock, but also fill the space in the D with as much of the bike as possible. Generally the best way to lock a bike is to put the lock through the rear wheel and frame. This will put the lock in a awkward position to work on. Clothing is essential if you wish to cycle any great distances. For this you will need to get a good waterproof jacket, and a series of layers. These layers can be added or removed to keep you at the ideal temperature any time of the year. Proper cycling shorts will also make the journey more .fortable and help wick away sweat. This helps you to arrive at you destination on time and ready to start work. If you are cycling daily then proper cycling shoes are far superior than trainers. Cycling shoes stick your foot to the pedal meaning there is always 100% contact and no possibility of your foot slipping off and causing injury. With a bit of practice they will improve your pedalling movement, speed and efficiency. Lights are also essential if you ever intend to cycle at night. Lights vary in design and brightness. Considering the number of accidents on the road keep yourself seen. Spending a good 50 pounds on lights will help light up the road and allow you to be seen from miles away. For the back light look for the cateye 10 led version. This is incredibly bright and nobody could ever use the excuse of not being able to see you if you have one of these. The cateye opticube series produce an incredibly bright front light and for most situations this would be ideal. If you need to carry any items on a bike it is best to get a pannier rack and a proper cycle bag. This is a better way to carry items than on a rucksack as this lets the bike take the load rather than you. Using these bags you can carry substantially more than you could on your back. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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