The East China Merchants pick 400 million title comedy regression

By , November 18, 2017 1:50 am

East China Merchants: "Oriental TV 2017 merchants list XLZY the Sina entertainment news in October 13th 400 million titled" comedy "pick" regression, 2017 Oriental TV advertising investment will be held in Beijing, the new year TV variety show and single exposure. The current published situation, "N generation" "," The Legendary Swordsman "ultimate challenge" and "in the mood", "sister tonight", "Paramount dream home renovation" to determine the return, two days before the outgoing "break up" saying "happy 3" with the comedy channel to reach a settlement, continued located in the east. In addition, the "sound" battle, "almighty king", "shaking variety group", "magic", a comedy master class "in the mood" and other new friends show is also good. According to a TV investment price list shows that above title, several new programs have sponsorship fee billion, and the original brand show business channel is more gratifying, among them, "3" for the ultimate challenge 400 million exclusive title plus special sponsorship, etc., a total of about 560 million of the revenue topped. "Pick 3" 400 million title "new song" flat "Paramount 2" into the dark horse on the Oriental TV China 2017 list, the current round of investment will come out on top of the title as "the ultimate challenge" the third season. "Pick" since the first season, with decent ratings first Sunday nights, and in the "N generation" in the second quarter, mostly not repeat itself under normal conditions, "pick 2" can still maintain good reputation with good innovation, "pick 3" won the title of high fees for example, while 400 million of the price of the same has just concluded the "new song" flat. The Gay Comedy follows. After a short break tear force after World War II, joy media, Oriental TV eventually reached a settlement, the third season "joy" comedy continue to broadcast in the East platform, completely from the first quarter No one shows any interest in investment, to the second quarter of a single period of the highest ratings of 3.61, the average audience of 2.76 grades, a Chinese comedy variety benchmark for the industry. Now the third season harvest 250 million Title costs about 100 million, and the sponsor, is also All sufferings have their reward. On the other, as everyone knows, the east of Taiwan in recent years through the strategic layout, have been in the market "big brother" of comedy, past several comedy variety of top-notch performance advertising gold master also give great confidence. In this investment will occupy the top three, China Merchants are a comedy show, even now the first season aired only a few of the "Paramount" tonight, the second season has the same brand TV program title costs "in the mood" sister 3 flat, the same as the 120 million, the sponsorship price with the "sister" be roughly the same. And the other a new comedy "master class", has been on the comedy ride, won the 100 million title. "Sounds of battle" friends "in the mood" momentum "grand" wake up "shaking magic group" potential in addition to the "comprehensive N generation" favored in the investment, many new show also fierce momentum. There are a variety of Korean audience record the voice of God "" first, concepts like "sounds of nature" battle did not broadcast the first red, winning the 200 million title. And with the success of the three quarter to create "run the male" experience of the director of the team is the same with the first East TV相关的主题文章:

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