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By , April 16, 2018 11:25 am

The driver checked drunk driving traffic police suspected shuajiu Feng "didn’t work" original title: 4 times the anti drunk driving traffic police "not too"! Ji’nan drivers checked wine shuajiu Feng you Gang didn’t get to the point, too bad." "How much do you drink I drink, I drink is not the." 8 days, Ji’nan Licheng police informed the recent investigation of the case with drunken driving, alcohol breath test driver values up to 314mg 100ml, is nearly 4 times the drunk driving standard, on suspicion of drunk driving. The management of extreme do not obey men checked, with the traffic police Shuaqi drunk abusive police, and finally refused to sign the breath test results. The evening of October 28th, Ji’nan Licheng police carry out drunk driving campaigns in Fengming Road, a red car parked on the roadside suddenly after seeing the police, the police immediately went to see. Open the door, a wine nostrils. After preliminary testing, car drivers suspected of drinking. "How much wine to drink?" "How much do you drink, I drink anyway?"." Police just open the inquiry, the driver Wang tongue on the top of the police, and very frankly to the traffic police said, I drink, no driver’s license." Then he took out his wallet, while inside look at the side of the side of police: you Gang ah, too bad. He also took out a lighter from his pocket and smoked a cigarette in the car. Repeatedly warned by the police, the man still does not work, the police will be forced away from the scene. Subsequently, the police will be brought to the police car to detect alcohol breath, Wang was very impatient to blow three times, the test value was as high as 314mg 100ml, is drunk driving standards of nearly 4 times, is drunk driving. Listen to his drunk driving, Wang also played the wine mad, "said the traffic police did not". The results confirmed the signing of expiratory, Wang again played the bacchanal, chose refused. At present, Ji’nan Licheng police have extracted Wang blood samples the content of alcohol, and other test results further on its treatment. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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