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The Democratic Progressive Party welcomed the mainland tourists said tourism is the cornerstone of peace and stability in cross-strait original title: DPP statement: we welcome mainland tourists are not allowed to Cross Strait Tourism back [global network reported] after a cold winter, the tourism industry in Taiwan is facing the open land and freedom the most cold in this regard, Cai Yingwen Policy Office CEO Zhang Jingsen 24 said the travel management rule has been very rigid, inflexible point, after the DPP came to power in May 20th, "to the full liberation of the tourism industry, will soon be". He also stressed that tourism is the largest cultural interaction and communication between the two sides of the Strait, and is the cornerstone of the peaceful and stable development of the two sides of the Straits. "Cross-strait tourism is not allowed to regress."". According to Taiwan’s "United Daily" reported on February 25th, Zhang Jingsen pointed out that the current "tourism law" makes the structural overhaul, do "minimum necessary scope of management, the greatest free development assistance" to improve the development of tourism. He said, he also reiterated to the industry, the DPP’s policy and the ruling counties and cities welcomed the development of cross-strait tourism, and he stressed, "we are welcome land passenger."". The tourism policy advisory group of the Democratic Progressive Party think-tank held a discussion with tourists on the 24 day to discuss the causes and Countermeasures of land passenger reduction. Participants include hotels, airlines, travel agencies and tourist vehicles. More than a month since the election, the number of land travelers has been reduced by 20%. Zhang Jingsen said that mainland tourists have reduced in January to assess customer groups decreased by 0.6%, but the overall mainland tourists with the same period of 2015 compared to the entry of mainland tourists is not reduced, the number of growth of 13.98% per cent in February; the current queue to relieve the situation of quota, the Tourism Bureau believes that the future needs less feeling. Editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

民进党表态欢迎陆客 称观光是两岸和平稳定基石   原标题:民进党表态:我们欢迎陆客 两岸观光不容许倒退   【环球网综合报道】台湾旅游业现正面临开放陆客自由行之后最冷的一个寒冬,对此,蔡英文政策办公室执行长张景森24日表示,“旅行业管理规则”已到了非常僵化、没有弹性的地步,5月20日民进党上台之后,“要全面解放旅游业,马上就要做”。他又强调,观光是两岸最大规模的文化互动与沟通,是两岸未来能和平稳定发展的基石,“两岸观光不容许倒退”。   据台湾《联合报》2月25日报道,张景森指出,现行的“观光旅游法”令要结构性大修,做“最小必要范围的管理、最大自由发展的协助”,来健全旅游业发展。他说,他也向业者重申,民进党的政策与执政县市都欢迎两岸观光发展,他并特别强调,“我们是欢迎陆客的”。   民进党智库观光政策咨询小组24日与观光业者座谈,讨论陆客减少原因与因应。与会者包括旅馆、航空、旅行社和游览车相关行业。   观光界传闻选后至今一个多月,陆客已减少两成。张景森表示,陆客确实有减少,1月评估团客减少0.6%,但总体陆客跟2015年同期相较,入境陆客没有减少,人数还成长百分之13.98%;2月目前排队等配额的情况减轻,观光局认为未来需求有比较少的感觉。 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章:

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