The Democratic Progressive Party came to be full of hundred days the Kuomintang legislator &q foldercure

By , November 19, 2017 5:51 pm

The Democratic Progressive Party came to be full of hundred days   the Kuomintang legislator " " 14; directed at the ruling absence — Taiwan channel — original title: Democratic Progressive Party will be over one hundred days Kuomintang legislator " " 14; directed at the ruling Chinese missing Taiwan network August 25th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the DPP authorities will in August 27th the full 100 days, the KMT Legislative Yuan caucus Secretary of the Yangtze River Qi Chen on Facebook (Facebook) "the new authorities, you feel one hundred days" questionnaire survey, pointed out that the 14 missing after taking office the new authorities, including through the "Executive Yuan" not guilty, male three, Taiping ship mistakenly shot from the dead the United States imported pig island into a reef, hairpin, "two cases of" change "with a" sound, hope together with the public, let the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen heard. Jiang Qichen said, two days later, Cai authorities will be in power for 100 days, from the expectations of the stage, the last one hundred days in the end there is no place to meet people’s expectations? Urge the executive branch, do the duty of the opposition, we can not ignore the views of Jiang please share, which of the following topics do not meet expectations, let him in the Legislative Yuan for the public praise". 1 from the Taiping island into a reef, the Taiwan authorities head can not see 2 Taiwan authorities did not dare to let the Japanese fishing protection rights, red bird 3 dragon road congestion surge, but night free to cancel 4 peach machine stop flooding hydropower, airport falls really rare 5 beautiful pig import hairpin, ignoring public opinion provoked 6 male three shot ship blamed death, the Taiwan authorities belated response 7 "Judicial Yuan vice president, he nominated his withdrawal of 8 highway toll fight, 400 million people pay 9 ocean Formosa Vietnam kicked iron, difficult to fine tune the Southward Policy 10 class flagrantly waste, primary and middle school students in the class class 11" two cases of "change" one case one ". The seven day holiday discount of 12 to break the" Executive Yuan "not guilty, island fishermen are affected 13 cars burning off land duanhun, Cai authorities handle size 14 China airlines airline stewardess eye anger strike, all have 15 issues and want to emulate the response to sound, notes Jiang Qichen Qi Chen asked the public to label, wrote in the palindrome issue can check, and share to Cai Yingwen’s words as brief suggestions. (Chinese Taiwan network (Lu Jiajing) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章:

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