The bed is not from the father son hematemesis personal care father 6 years

By , April 17, 2018 9:00 am

The bed is not from the father son hematemesis personal care father 6 years old father fracture fracture collapsed on the bed, his son Hu Hongwen left home personal care for 6 years. The 85 year old father deathbed, he is more closely to the night waiting at the bedside. The 15 day, Hu Hongwen relapse mouth hematemesis, family to send him to the hospital, he refused to leave his father half step. Yesterday, the reporter contacted Hu Hongwen, he has been forcibly sent to the Xinzhou District People’s hospital. "Know your disease can not be delayed, but more worried about the sudden death of his father, not mourning in front of the bed." Lying on both sides of the bed Hu Hongwen care, weak voice full of frustration. Hu Hongwen was lying on a bamboo bed outside the rooms on the father refused to leave half a step, the blind mother distressed touched his son’s hand. Filial piety to parents in the village of a 40 year old Hu Hongwen Hu fan Cun Xu Xinzhou ancient street village, before in the village of mushroom. In August 2009, Hu Hongwen turned off the sluggish mushroom shed, followed by fellow workers to work in Guangzhou. He do unskilled laborer at the construction site, my wife stayed at home to take care of old and young daughter. By the end of the year, the 79 year old father Hu Guanshou removed mushroom shed when he fell from a ladder, right leg hip fracture. Old money, say what also not do surgery, lying at home and recuperate. Unable to eat, all need to solve in the bed. Blind mother can’t help to his wife two busy, Hu Hongwen left home in 2011, to take up the responsibility to take care of his father. Every body massage legs stand up, sooner or later…… Under his careful care, lying in bed for 2 years Hu Guanshou can on crutches slowly to the ground. Did not expect the old man fell again last year, the right leg knee comminuted fracture, completely collapsed in bed. Hu Hongwen’s family and parents separated by more than 200 meters away, the day end feces urine, night night worried father is not convenient, he simply moved to my father’s house, in the next room with Zhang Zhuchuang. As soon as his father heard something, he could hear it. Hu Fan Village Party Secretary Hu Jingzhai introduced, Hu Wen is the village of poor households, last year was included in the precise poverty object. "Hu Hongwen to care for their parents in the village is a name." Secretary Hu Hongwen said, his wife is very ill, the body is not good, the couple are reluctant to go to the doctor. But the old man falls two times, he insisted on to the hospital, everywhere to borrow money. Too tired to even spit two bowls of blood 10 days ago, Hu Guanshou condition suddenly deteriorated, waiting for Hu Hongwen day in and day out at his father’s side, even the clothes are afraid to take off at night nap. On the evening of 15 to 6 points, is to father Hu Hongwen suddenly mouth watering hematemesis, even spit two bowl, the family will send him to the hospital, Hu Hongwen refused to leave his father half step, "if I’m not there, he left suddenly I didn’t try to filial piety." At home, Hu Hongwen insisted on the day, on the toilet and pulled the three bowl of blood. My brother took out thousands of dollars for my father to do the funeral, forced him to the Xinzhou District People’s Hospital Department of general surgery. "Like this happens and blood is blood, fourth times this year." Hu Hongwen is the eleven floor of the hospital, told reporters that he suffered from the erosion of gastric ulcer for many years, in 2014 and found that gastric varices, cirrhosis and portal hypertension, the doctor let him go home.相关的主题文章:

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