The bank found 7 with the number of counterfeit Tenants I also know the

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The bank found 7 with the number of counterfeit Tenants: I also know the truth of Hualong network October 6th news at 15:35 (reporter Roger) recently, Chongqing Yuzhong District shangqingsi turntable police said the postal savings bank received seven counterfeit money. The police rushed to the scene, the original, in the morning, living in the three road Yuzhong District Zhongshan 65 year old landlord Lumou to the bank deposits of 7000 yuan, the identification of seven counterfeit detector. Bank staff inspection found Lumou in deposits, seven photo Tongguan T6KO108527 counterfeit brand. At the beginning, Lumou because they do not believe that this is a counterfeit money, and a dispute with the bank staff. Then, Lumou carefully recalled, save the money from the tenant Xiong, and she received the rent unused. Subsequently, Lumou called Xiong xiong. In the police and bank staff patiently explain, understand this one did bear seven hundred dollar bills are counterfeit, and admit the money from his hand. However, recall the source of this seven counterfeit, Xiong made difficult. Because of their three road intersection in Zhongshan tobacco stalls to make money, past personnel flow is not only, people mixed, simply do not remember who bought cigarettes, but also can not afford to suspect. Currently, Xiong has filed a case to the public security organs, the case is under further investigation. Police and bank staff to remind the public, the fifth sets of RMB 100 yuan face characteristics have twelve kinds of security marks. The crown size, crown size by two crown word number eight, 100 yuan notes, the front face using two-color shaped bar code printing, number of tone blackred. Number is magnetic, available for machine readable. At the same time to remind, according to "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article 172nd, knowingly counterfeit currency and possession, use, the larger the amount of three years imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a ten thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan fine; the amount is huge, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years. Not more than twenty thousand yuan to two hundred thousand yuan fine; if the amount is especially huge, at ten years imprisonment, and impose more than fifty thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan or confiscation of property.相关的主题文章:

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