The Asian Cup Men’s volleyball China beat Australia won four straight into the semi-finals (video)-ricky lee neely

By , April 17, 2018 6:17 pm

The Asian Cup Men’s volleyball China beat Australia won four straight into the semi-finals of the Asian Cup Men’s volleyball Chinese four consecutive semi-finals in men’s volleyball match Liqin Australia in (data) September 26th 2016 men’s volleyball sports Tencent in Thailand in the 14 Asian Cup finals, Chinese men with 3-0 (25-22, 32-30, 25-23) beat the Australian team, four consecutive semi-finals. The semi-finals will play volleyball Chinese between South Korea and Chinese Taipei team. The men’s volleyball Asian Cup, China men well in the group phase play, were defeated Kazakhstan, Thailand and the Chinese Taipei team, the three game winning streak, the identity of the first group to qualify for the quarterfinals. 14 finals, Chinese men’s volleyball team against the Australian team, who sent a young army. In this game, Chinese volleyball lineup is main attack season Daoshuai, Liu Libin, Miu Ruantong, Rao font Shuhan, second hair day, takes Jiangchuan, double free Ke Junhuang and Chen Jiajie. The first game, Chinese team start showing overbearing momentum, Mao day invigorated the offensive team, Liu Libin, Jiangchuan’s attack wings tested, links in the network, whether it is Shuhan Rao or Miu Ruantong, to the opponent made a lot of trouble, but the Australian team full of offensive firepower, although a ups and downs, but they the storm ability outstanding, the two sides have been biting score. 22, Tang Chuanhang attack thugs out of bounds, Liu Libin vigorously jump score directly, China 24-22 men’s volleyball to get the game point, the key moment of the Australian team does not attack the ball, with the Sichuan Airlines counter attack Chinese Tang score, 25-22 men’s volleyball to come out on top. Second, not far behind the Australian volleyball start to strike back, their flanking vibrant, first pause to lead 8-6. Subsequently, Liu Libin’s attack is blocked, China volleyball continuous drop points, coach Li Mu was forced to suspend the request. 8-12 after the Chinese team still can not get rid of the passive, Australia to 16-11 lead. Passive under season Daoshuai serve Jiangong, broken Australia pass, Jiangchuan block, Liu Libin counterattack spiking for successful, Chinese men tenaciously tied the game at 20. Board at the end stage, two teams played inextricably involved, in Jiangchuan two a storm after scoring Chinese 24-22 men’s volleyball to get the game point, but the Jiangchuan counter attack opponents directly stopped dead, Australia will score to 24. Since then, China men rely on tactics and opponents both sides opened the stalemate, Australia No. four, after the success rate is very high, 30, Liu Libin attack succeeded, after Australia stalemate moment was stopped dead, Chinese men’s volleyball with thrilling 32-30 win, leading 2-0 bureau. The third game, a team of Chinese fluctuations, up to 1-4 behind. Passive, season and Liu Libin Daoshuai spiking tested, Chinese team played a small climax, and lead to 9-6. Although the Australian team scored three points to tie the score, but Liu Libin’s serve round Chinese team continuous rise, to continue to lead the local 12-9, Liu Libin and Jiangchuan men’s volleyball spike accomplishment, Chinese leader in 18-15. Since then, Chinese men’s volleyball team to maintain a leading edge 2-3, Liu Libin lob score, Chinese)相关的主题文章:

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