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Than the teacher also cattle inspection skills! And after the review method… – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manually check the homework, which is essential for each of our parents daily duties. But the way you check your homework? Today, we will study the effective methods of inspection. 1 children, read the second grade, focus on examination of handwriting whether to write correct homework; that is not the right place, the first not to point out specific mistakes, but say the range, such as "do well, but some of the wrong place, you can see." Or in a place where there is a small circle, let the children find out the wrong place to change. If the child to find out, praised the child smart, capable. The third grade, focus on examination of children who thought column formula is correct, and the results are generally not inspection, confirmed by the children themselves. If the results are wrong, the teacher corrects or examination, sentenced to XX, let the children go to love, regret, regret, the parents also filled with sympathy: "what a pity, here a little wrong, did not get out. Never mind, pay attention next time, do well in the exam." Check the homework, found typos, just draw a dot below, check the correct words by the children themselves; so that we can cultivate children of their own responsibility, carefully study quality. 2 don’t stare at the children to do homework. I saw some parents love staring at the child doing homework, if there are problems, or the wrong words, write wrong, while helping children inunction, criticize, blame, blame the child side: "why, and wrong, always can’t change." "How many times, is not remember, irritating!" Can we imagine the child’s interest and energy in the atmosphere of tension and anxiety? This time, the parents how to preach, he is not to listen to, but also can not change. The recommended practice is to first ask, how much homework, then ask your child to do, we have to do things cautiously without any noise, not lightly disturb the child, he finished according to the method of inspection. 3 how to train children to concentrate on homework. There are a lot of friends to ask me, saying that their children do not concentrate on homework, love procrastination, only a few questions to do half a day, ask me how to do. A. use the limited time to encourage law to correct. This method is illustrated by an example. Such as the first to know about the child’s work, the heart of an estimated time to complete, and then consult the child, such as "Chinese 40 minutes to finish it?" Can mathematics be done in 30 minutes? If you are done in a given time, put a small star on you, when you reach the 5 stars, the father will reward a favorite thing or take you to the XXX place to play." Usually, children will be happy to accept. If the child is found to have homework to play wild, do not concentrate on the performance, as long as it is not too much, let him move a painting相关的主题文章:

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