Test drive the new TOYOTA Vios inside and outside upgrade-homefront

By , April 16, 2018 10:23 pm

Test drive the new TOYOTA Vios inside and outside and then upgrade the Phoenix car – "suddenly want to go far away to drive, and you go to see the flowers in the world, imagination never, lose my passion, it s on my way it", "s on my way now whatever it takes." remember the song "Colorful Days" what Pu Shu? Is the first generation Vios ad song. Hear now, if there is an impulse ahead in the distance, will be to the future heart Chi? If so, your heart is still young, you are trying to find the owner of vios. From the 2004 launch of the first generation Vios, today, is the third generation models. Just two days ago, the third generation Vios after a facelift upgrade, and officially listed. The new car is more and more individuality, in the design of prominent young, although this is the trends in the automotive market, but TOYOTA in this area to go closer to the top, it can obviously feel the drive models from TOYOTA have recently launched a new car models with new TOYOTA Vios 1.5L CVT. In the design of appearance, the new Vios or improved a lot. To see from the front direction, can easily determine the new vios. The old models on the chrome trim grille was canceled, replaced by the decoration of the body with the same color, a little cheap feeling, a bit more delicate sense, highlight the TOYOTA LOGO at the same time, still keep the design style of V type structure. Under the grille has also undergone significant changes in the size of the increase, on the one hand to reduce the visual height of the body, looks more movement, on the other hand, also enhance the visual impact, highlighting the personality. Under the grille interior decoration is also significantly different, the new design looks more grades, but also to make this small car looks wider body. Of course, the daytime running lamp nowadays has been very popular in this paragraph is added to the top, and other models, also very movement, in the low allocation models, for the position of the light is decorated the air inlet, and other complement each other. New headlight styling has also been adjusted, more slender shape. It is worth mentioning that the top models also joined the LED display lamp, and to increase the lens headlamps. The other side of the body is basically not changed, is still the waist slightly upward connected with the tail light. Body length of 4420 mm, width of 1700 mm, height of 1490 mm, of which the body length increased by 10 mm. For the current Chinese consumers, the body is indeed a good extension. If you look carefully, you can also see some of the details, such as the region of the mirror with small protrusions can help reduce the air resistance, so as to improve the fuel economy, the same design also appeared in the light. Compared to the front, rear end of the change is not big. One eye can see, is about two elongated chrome trim into the taillights, and further widened the body in the visual. There is not easy to detect the place is that the shape of the rear bumper also carried out.相关的主题文章:

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