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Reference-and-Education One who wants to invest in business knows that either he can start his own from scratch or buy a franchise. For those who are unfamiliar with the Franchise Business Opportunities where an owner sells his rights to business model, logo etc. to a franchisee. It usually involves paying up an initial amount for the start up. The startup payment may include just the business rights to providing equipment, training, marketing, etc. Buying a franchise has its own benefits. Surveys show that almost 70% of independent business venture fail in the initial years where as 80% franchisees show at least survival if not success in the same period. The major reason is that the business is structured on an idea that has been proven elsewhere in market conditions and not just in theory. Besides a better chance of success, there is an already established brand name. One need not spend huge amount in advertising or creation of a brand value. The franchisor provides the support needed at the startup. Availing a franchise business opportunity also provides lesser risk of .petition as the most of the franchisors have a policy to restrict the number of franchisees in one particular geographical location. It is also easier to secure finances for opening up a franchisee as financial institutions are usually positive towards lending money for buying a franchisee with a good track record. There are benefits of franchising ones business. It is one of the best approaches to expand ones business or .pany. It also provides a sense of gratification by helping similar ambitious persons to achieve success. One of the biggest benefits is the potential to have a global presence. With .panies that provide services to the corporate sector, having a global presence means a better brand image. Similarly educational institutions having branches all over the world will be able to foster better learning environment and also provide better employment opportunities. Corporate training services and academic training services are two such sectors that benefit tremendously with the global presence of the institution/ .pany. With a global presence these .panies can boast of providing Global Training Services . There are many institutes that offer Hardware Training Programs . This training program that involves one getting familiar with the various parts that makes up a .puter, being able to repair faulty parts, maintain systems etc. Institutes that have branches all over the globe will be able to bring professionals from all corners of the world to provide better education. Moreover, they can tie up with the .panies of respective regions to provide training to budding professionals in their institute as well as employment at a later stage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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